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By lkmnry

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  1. lkmnry

    Columbia, MO

    I will be a freshman this year and am wondering if there is a certain ball that I should play. I've been playing a ProV1 but have also played Nxt Tour and ProV1X. My swing speed is right around 100
  2. Bubba

    Providence, RI

    Thanks for the question. 

    Finding the right ball for your game involves finding the right ball for all shots. The decision should not be based on swing speed alone. Take the different models out to the course and hit all of them from different shots. Pay attention to the feel, spin and control and determine which one helps you hit it close from 150 yards and in. 

    We promote a green to tee approach for finding the right ball.

    Let us know if you have any other questions. 

    Good luck!


  3. Heath B

    Heath B
    Lafayette, LA

    Im a sophmore and I play the Pro V1x. I've tried everything, SR2, RZN Black, RZN Platinum,and nothing even compares to it.


  4. Chris B

    Chris B
    Monroe, LA

    Freshman high school?  If so, get with your golf coach or local PGA pro.  

  5. Shane B

    Shane B
    Tallahassee, FL

    I will be a senior and I feel like the prov1x is the best because it has unmatched distance and really good stop and drop green side control. I too have a fast swing speed and can really get the v1x to stop and even spin back

  6. lkmnry

    Columbia, MO

    My junior year is coming to a close now and I was just looking back on this. I now play a ProV1x and would never think of switching. The combination of distance and control is awesome.

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