What Titleist ball is best for my swing speed.

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By Ryan C

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  1. Ryan C

    Ryan C
    Bryn Mawr, PA

    My swing speed is around 85mph and I drive the ball 240 yards on average. People have been telling be I can increase my distance by using the NXT Tour or the Velocity. While I am open to suggestions to better my game, I am playing well with my Pro V1's. I would like to increase my distance but I worry it would sacrifice the feel and spin I get with the Pro V1. Any ideas on what to do? Many thanks.

  2. Christian J

    Christian J
    Griswold, IA

    If I were you I would stick with a ProV1 or try the Prov1x.  With the NXT Tour and Velocity your going to lose the feel, and that should be more important than your distance.  Short game and putting are what is going to lower your scores so stick with the ProV series.

  3. AC RixRox

    AC RixRox
    saratoga springs, NY

    Long on in one sure does shorten the short game, though.

  4. fred k

    fred k
    falls church, VA


    as many here will say, you should choose a ball by testing from the green/greenside back to the tee.  1/3 of your strokes are 100yds and in, so you need to choose a ball that does what you want it to do around the greens.  my game is about like yours - 87mph ss and driver distance 230-250yds.  i've played the pro v1 for a long time and will stick with it.  i've been able to make a pro v1 do things on and around greens that i couldn't do with any other golf balls.

    granted i haven't tried the nxt tour or velocity, but i doubt those two balls will provide as much drop and stop power as the pro v1.  so if you want to revamp your iron and short game for a few more yards off the tee, go for it.  but your best bet is to increase your fitness and flexibility for more distance off the tee (and maybe a fitting for a custom driver).  good luck.


  5. Tito

    Dayton, OH


    I've been told that club head speed has nothing to do with correct golf ball fitting.  Titleist has three different traveling golf ball fitting vans that travel the US and fit golfers with the right ball.  I'd ask your club pro to contact his Titleist Rep and see about getting the van to your local club.  It is a great process and very informative.  If your club pro can't assist you I am sure someone at Titleist can direct you to a team.  There is a west coast team, mid-west team and an east coast team.  

      Hope this helps.

  6. Sean A

    Sean A
    Rochester, MN

    I would also suggest staying with Pro V's.  I've tried everything under the sun and seem to gain a total of 5 yards with "distance" balls.  I rely on the check and spin I can get around the green with my V1.  If money is no issue, stay with what works best.  There is no "one" ball that will fit you perfectly for every facet of the game.

  7. JPHB

    Brooklyn, NY

    The ProV1 and ProV1X are just as long, or longer, than any ball out there - stick with either one of them and you simply can't go wrong

  8. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    While I don't use a ProV, I'd recommend against changing just for distance.  I'm getting better about slices and hooks, so my use of that may change.  I do get more distance with DT Solo, but most of that is run after landing.  Nice off of driver, but hard to stick a green.  I was losing too many balls with side spin off the fairway, so DT helps salvage some of those.  Gaining a half club with a differnt ball is given back if you lose a stroke from 130 yards and in. 

  9. eagle3

    Fairfax, IA

    Don O said:

    While I don't use a ProV, I'd recommend against changing just for distance.  I'm getting better about slices and hooks, so my use of that may change.  I do get more distance with DT Solo, but most of that is run after landing.  Nice off of driver, but hard to stick a green.  I was losing too many balls with side spin off the fairway, so DT helps salvage some of those.  Gaining a half club with a differnt ball is given back if you lose a stroke from 130 yards and in. 

    I am a strong user of the ProV1x while at home here in Iowa and the ProV1 when we go South for the winter due to the lower humidity and type of courses I play on while there. Both have proven to be excellent for my game, but I do switch to the NXT Tour in the colder weather both here and South for maintaining distance and ball control as the ProV1 & ProV1x don't seem to perform as well for me in the cold. At my age, 71 and very close to 72, I still hit the ball in the range of 270 to 290 and my swing speed is hovering around 105 since last checked last Spring. I will  sy that the ProV1x has less spin for me and Ido prefer that ball over all, but regardless of what ball I play, all carry the Titleist name.

  10. Brian C

    Brian C
    novi, MI

    You can always buy a sleeve and try them out.  I have tried all the Titleist balls and always end back up with the ProV1X.  It is a toss-up between it and the Prov1, but I like the feel off the putter better with the X.  Seems like I have to hit a little harder on the V over the 1X.  Not sure if that is in my head or not, but to me it seems the X comes off the putter head better.  My swing speed is around 93-94 which all the old timers always tell me that I am wasting my money on the proV's, but they are going by old school metrics like a previous member said it is not all about swing speed as it use to be to be the deciding factor.  

  11. Forrest P

    Forrest P
    Richmond, VA

    I am real big on being consistent from the glove I use , to the swing I use ,  to the clubs I use and the balls I use.  I am a big fan of Titles and the Pro V 1.  I will however switch off and use different Titles depending on the weather conditions, the different seasons and the type of green .  Most golf courses I play at , I can reach the green with a driver and a iron.  Of course this depends on the length of the hole and there are some holes I will use a driver and 2 irons.  As i mentioned I am real big into consistency and I would stay with the ball that you are most comfortable with

  12. Clinton M

    Clinton M
    flowery branch

    try a pro v1.

  13. I've been told I shouldn't play the Pro v's because my swing speed is around 90. The NXT tour S plays well for me but as I've read

    in other posts, why give up the control and feel of the Pro V for a few yards off the driver. I would say that consistency and feel are

    more important than absolute distance.

  14. Hi all,

    Great discussion going on here and the swing speed question is one we hear a lot. There are a number of variables to consider when looking for the best golf ball for your game, but fitting a golf ball based solely on driver swing speed is a myth.

    When you're out on a golf course you are playing a wide variety of golf shots during the round. SInce a golf ball only reacts to the force being applied, different shots require different swing speeds in order to execute them properly. Keeping this in mind, a golf ball must perform for all golfers of all swing speeds on all shots, otherwise it won't perform for any golfer.

    Here's a great post that sheds some more light on the topic as well. Definitely check this out...


    In the meantime, here are some other helpful links:

    Golf Ball Fitting: http://www.titleist.com/golf-ball-fitting/

    Online Golf Ball Selection Tool: http://www.titleist.com/golf-ball-fitting/app/

  15. Tito

    Dayton, OH

    A little birdie told me that there will be a video available on the Titleist website after the first of the year featuring a taped golf ball fitting session.  Looking forward to seeing how the fitting session works as they fit a golfer.


  16. Austin S

    Austin S
    Roswell, GA

    That first link/article made everything so much clearer.

  17. Fred Closs

    Fred Closs
    Mansfield, TX

    It seems to me that "ball fitting" is about finding the ball that: 1. you can the furthest with your driver 2. will have enough spin to hold the green on iron shots 3. gives you the "touch" you desire in the short game area. In many cases, the ball that goes the furthest off your driver won't hold the green or provide "feel" around the green. Hence, compromises must be made. For me, the NXT Tour is the longest off the tee, but the ProV1 works best all-around.

  18. Fred Closs

    Fred Closs
    Mansfield, TX

    Thanks for the link Mike. The idea of finding the right ball for your short game then finding a driver that works for that ball makes a lot of sense. Too many play a "distance" ball and find they have no control in the short game area. Thanks again!

  19. Jerry S

    Jerry S
    Carlsbad, CA

    You really don't have to swing 100 mph to spin a Pro V1 or V1x.  My 12 year old son gets great results with the Pro V1x and his 85 mph driver speed.  He gets great spin with his wedges and short irons and repeatable checking when chipping.  --Jerry

  20. ricktgolf

    Westminster, MA

    My swing speed is south of 100 mph and I will swear by the V1x. I have not backed one up but they hit and only go about 3 - 5 feet after hitting a green with a full iron. And they will roll out just fine on a bump and run which is my preferred shot around the green. I find the V1x to be a sweet feeling, long, responsive golf ball that performs consistently from tee to green. And the 2013 model is the best of the bunch.

  21. Scott I

    Scott I
    Mustang, OK

    I have about the same SS as you.  I play the Pro V1x for serious rounds and play the NXT when I'm screwing around on my local course.  The local course I play is crazy hard and I lose a lot of balls there.  If not for that factor, I would play the V1x exclusively, but the cost would be insane at 4-5 balls lost per round.

  22. Tom C

    Tom C
    Maple Grove, MN

    I get less hook and slice action with the ProV1x than the ProV1.  But in high winds I drop down to the NXT Tour to get even more control of the hooks and slices.  

  23. the difference btween hitting a 7 or 6 iron into the green is about the same but around the green 100 to 20 yrds in is all about feeling stick to provi wichever scores are made around the green

  24. Daniel R

    Daniel R
    Dove Canyon, CA

    I think the Pro V1 would be a better fit. the NXT and Velocity are a much harder feel and they dont compress as easily. Whith your swing speed the regular pro is a better fit. Stick with it. IF you can you should SLOWLY try to get you swing speed higher so you can hit a harder ball such as the provx

    BTW what is your handicap

  25. eagle3

    Fairfax, IA



    Thanks for the links. I hadn't been back to this discussion for some time and those links are eye openers. I guess that is why you are in the position you are in so that you and the Acushnet family can give us the real answers to our questions and discussions to keep us on the straight and narrow.

  26. HawaiiMarine

    Lexington, VA

    I've played exclusively with Titleist balls for 12 years. A lot of things factor in to the type of ball (Titleist) you play with ... Swing speed brings compression into play ... Weather--temperature as well will bring compression into play as well. The colder it is, the less compression you'll get--The slower you swing, the less compression ... Ultimately we're talking maximum distance. If you prefer  distance over control and "feel" ... If you're a "100 yarder" with a good feel and yearning for short game expertise ... Well then you're in need of a softer ball.

    I can go on and on, but just about everyone who have provided input have hit it on the head of the nail--but just remember that their input--as well as my own comes with how each of our game dictate the type of ball "needed". If you're a golfer with a tendency to "over spin" the ball--side spin--slice or hook, a softer ball is not particularly the ball you want. 

    I play the PROv1x as it is a soft ball for great green side "100 yarder" performance, AND it doesn't sacrifice distance that a PROv1 may. Granted we're talking only 8-12 yards--AND we're not tour players either. In cold weather, I use the NXT Tour. When my game  is "on", then I'll use the PROv1. 

    PROv1, total performance ball with emphasis on softer feel and green side performance. 

    PROv1x, a slightly longer--"more forgiving" ball (to avoid the side spin shots) and still has a great feel for PROv1-like green side performance. 

    NXT TourS is the "little brother" to the PROv1 as far as performance and price. The NXT Tour, is in similar suit as it relates to the PROv1x. 

    I hope this info was a help, if you haven't been able to find your total answer yet. Good luck and hit 'em straight!

  27. Dan S

    Dan S
    Westchester, IL

    My swing speed is regularly between 98-102, and the Prov1 works well even though I'm under the "suggested 105" for the V1x, because another 5-10 yards further on my drives wont help me as much as a better short game. That's where most amateurs need improvement.

  28. Hi RouteBurner,

    I just wanted to jump in and provide a little clarification that there really isn't a suggested swing speed for any of our golf balls.  Finding the golf ball that is going to help you shoot lower scores is really the end goal and fitting a golf ball based solely on driver swing speed is a myth.

    Here's a great post that sheds some more light on the topic as well. Definitely check this out...


  29. Michael O

    Michael O
    Sarasota, FL

    I follow the logic that swing speed is not an indicator of which ball to use.  It does appear, however, to be a significant factor, in that it will help determine along with attack angle how much spin you put on the ball.  And how much spin a person creates seems to be a large factor as to which ball they will prefer.  This is in either backspin or sidespin.  So players that generate a lot of spin (either from high swing speed or side spin from poor path) you would expect to most often benefit from (or prefer) using the V1x or NXT.  Players who could use more spin (either because of slower swing speed or path, attack angle) would most often benefit from (or prefer) using the V1 or maybe Tour s for feel.  Evidence of this seems to be in the pro players ball used listed on the website.  PGA tour (highest swing speeds) 79% play V1x, 20% play V1 and 1% Tour s.  LPGA tour (lower swing speeds) 59% play V1, 40% V1x and 1% NXT tour.

    I could use hitting more GIR and would seem the V1x or NXT tour would be best, but so far it seems I have best accuracy and scores with the V1 and do like the Tour s feel in the long game.  I think this may relate more to being a better fit for my swing speed (driver 90) and that I don't create a lot of side spin.  Chipping doesn't appear to be a significant advantage one way or the other, the bigger difference is in holding approach shots with the V1.

    One thing I have noticed, and is not often mentioned, is a height difference with chips and pitches between the Pro V1 family and NXT tour family of balls.  Maybe it was just me, but that is another reason for people to try the different balls around the greens to see what fits your eye and feel.

    Hope this seems accurate to your Titleist team and maybe helps give some help to those searching as to where to start.  Bottom line is you really have to try them for yourself, but we all want some help in shortcutting our starting point.

  30. Thomas H

    Thomas H
    Savannah, GA

    I'd say stick with the Pro v1's. I average about 265-270 off the tee and i was told to play with the Pro V1x. I was using the NXT Tour and I was recommended to to switch to the V1x because I would start to lose feel with the NXT Tour. All in all it is whatever you are most comfortable with.

  31. 85 mph will NOT produce 240 yds unless UR playing on the airport runway.
  32. Larry p

    Larry p
    La Quinta, CA

    I agree with JStewart....85mph may get it out 240 on an airport runway if the airport runway is in Phoenix and it's August...
  33. More distance is available off the tee than 240/85mph in Phoenix. It is possible for a 65yr. young male-me. By taking time to break down swing mechanics, add physical training, select the correct ball(Titleist), driver head and shaft.
  34. All of you "stickers" are stuck in a rut. Speed freaks think that it's all about pedal-to-the-metal. Uh, uh. This game is about the deliberate practice of both the H-word (How to perform the fundamentals) and the W-words (What club, Where to hit it and What shot shape). It is the W-words that you take to the course for tactical thinking and better scoring. The H-word on the course bombards you with miss-directions that befuddle your neurological cluster of the sequencing of the muscle and bones movement patterns that you trust and in which you should believe.
    Furthermore, you are not cognizant of the kinetic chain and the kinematic conditioning that are instrumental in achieving optimum performance in your pursuit of excellence. Club head speed is a function of the fitness of the links in the kinetic chain that linked from the set-up, to takeaway, to downswing, to impact, to follow-through, to finish. If you are not squishing the ball for equal and opposite reaction. switch to a marshmello or a US Knobby.
    Each of the 13 clubs is a class 3 lever whose length from the fulcrum and loft are more important than a fixed velocity. Do your homework on Newton's 2nd Law of Motion.
    Also, if you are now an old fart who used to hit 135 yard pitching wedges, get over it an go with the 9 or the 8 and factor that in your tactical Ws.
  35. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Seems like this thread is really getting off topic. The original question was "what ball is best for their swing speed". Since balls are not really characterized as designed for swing speed, the answer is pick a ball that best fits your overall game and what you are trying to achieve. Some slow swingers are looking for lots of spin and some want maximum roll-out. My thoughts anyway. Since the originator askes years ago, i assume they got their question answered.
  36. I am 75 years old and was born with right club foot, so my right leg is shorter and I wear a orthopedicaly designed special shoes. The result is I can not shift my weight an basically swing off my strong left leg. I have a low club speed. I would like to know what kind of balls I should use. I normally shoot between 100 and 110.
  37. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    TruFeel, Tour Soft, AVX for starters. TruFeel is a good option for slower speeds as it launches a little higher for better distance at slow speeds. No one ball is the best ball for any one type of player, so you may want to try a sleeve of two different balls to compare. Even Pro-V1 could be tried - a little firmer than the AVX but can launch a littler higher.
  38. Jon S

    Jon S
    Collinsville, CT

    If you produce enough spin, consider the AVX. Otherwise I'd stick with the ProV1
  39. AVX
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