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Short Par4, first round. What are you doing


Watching the Genesis Open and I see the 10th hole is a short par 4 309 yards... First round, first hole (some players starting on back).. What you are you going to do; go for it or lay up?

I'm laying up..


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  1. Jack H

    I am laying up too. Trust your wedges for the birdie.

  2. Keith M

    Lay up. Because I won't be as upset 3 putting from wedge distance as I would if I drove the green.
  3. Guy O

    Watching “Morning Drive” this morning they gave a statistic over some number of years, more birdies are made on that 10th hole by players going for it than laying up! I’m going for it!
  4. Dale V

    There are no drive-able par 4's for this short hitter. :) That said, with all the talk about stretching out courses for long hitters, these short little par 4's seem to create the most drama, bigger scores, and most entertainment. I love them.
  5. Robert L

    With my miss being to the right, and with all of the bunkers guarding the right side on that hole, I'd lay back to a good yardage and attack angle.
  6. chris b

    Considering I'm too old to drive it 300 yards anymore and wouldn't make it anyway .... I'm definitely laying up. Wedge it close, easy birdie.
  7. Luke R

    Layup if the pin is the back of the green. If the pin us up front I would think about going for it with the Driver or 3 wood.
  8. J.R. F

    I would have to lay up, unless it's straight downhill with a 40 mph wind behind me. I would try to leave a good wedge yardage.
  9. Chuck Z

    Being I only hit my driver 230-250 on a good day. Mr Obvious would call that a lay up I guess. I call it a "go fot it"...... Heck Speedy at 71 I am proud of that distance. Back in the 80's I would grip it and rip it...... =)
  10. JBrester

    Go for it love the risk vs. reward on holes like this. With my miss being left I think it is a safe bet since more then likely can carry the left fairway bunker and leaving myself a lot of green to work with.
  11. Len D

    While I love my SM6 wedges, I would still go for the green. If the shot worked the round could begin with an eagle. And if it failed I would still have 17 holes to recover. Remember already on the first hole at Cherry Hills in 1960? :-)
  12. Hotsauce

    I'm hitting the D stick. I'd rather try to get up and down for birdie than play it safe.
  13. Alexei G

    3 wood high cut on the green, at worst in the front bunkers. Easy birdie.
    Little point to lay up as there are too many bunkers in the layup area.
  14. Dwayne N

    I with Dale V this would be a layup since I couldn't reach anyway
  15. Wade W

    Lay up. No question.

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