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Thanks to TT and Cathi...

Todd T

Cant wait to put these pellets into play, hearing nothing but good things..

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  1. Don O

    I really noticed an improvement with mid-irons on flight and distance. Between that and the amber availability, I will seriously consider it as an alternative to the 2017 Pro-V1. How fickle - I just fell in love with the Pro-V1 with this cycle. Between the 3 urethane balls, Titleist just offers serious golfers the best tools for personal peak performance.
  2. Barry B

    Another great surprise from TT in the mail!!
  3. N Anthony S

    That's awesome Todd. I am hoping they show up in the Portland, Oregon area sometime this year. I can't wait for the opportunity to try them. Hit em straight!!
  4. Chuck Z

    Awesome. Very hard to find. Was able to bought a sleeve of the optic yellow to try at a local shop, all he had left. Played one round on Dec 22 and then old man winter set in. No more to be found. Bummer. Nice ball. There is always hope.
  5. Joseph M

    Hopefully, a shipment will come my way in chilly Canada- enjoy!!
  6. Dwayne N

    Looks like there's a lot of Love being spread around that fuels the fever of the upcoming season. Congrats!
  7. Rooster

    Make sure you tell us your thoughts about them..
  8. aholtmeyer

    Congrats! I'm curious to hear how those play!
  9. Joshua B

    Oh my...would never be so excited as at that point to see a cardboard box!
  10. Brandon C

    Picked up a sleeve of them from the local pro shop...I've only been able to chip and putt with them thus far (stupid MN winters), but I've been very pleased with them! Let us know how they work out for you.
  11. Kathy J

    Nice way to start 2018 season!
  12. Titleist Fan 179

    Great mail day. Been waiting for my Fla trip to get some ( or hoping some would be in my mailbox in Ohio) hint, hint :)
  13. ROBERT P

    Nice start to 2018. Can't wait until they reach the Midwest to give them a try.
  14. Steve S

    Awsome Todd T. A dozen Titleist golf balls and a note from Cathi, Happy New Years to you!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  15. chris b

    Another great start to the 2018 season for a Team Titleist member! Let us know how you like them.

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