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Your Holiday Wish List

Rick V., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

Happy New Year, everyone!

Just wanted to check in and see if any Titleist holiday wishes came true for you this year? My family is always good about throwing some high-play-number Pro V1s and a couple Titleist Players gloves under the tree for me. How about you? What was the favorite Titleist gift that you gave or received this year?

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    New Deluxe Cart bag for Xmas, to hold my new 718 AP1’s and 818 H2’s!

    Received a new 818 Hybrid along with a few pieces of Footjoy clothing.
  3. Tim Tiger

    Custom #13 ProV's are always a great gift that I receive.
    Happy Holidays to all.

  4. Dale V

    My 718 T-MB's. I did get them a little early but they definitely were my Christmas gift to myself.
  5. Brian D

    I received a sleeve of the AVX from a close friend of Santa. I can't wait to give them another try...Unfortunately my 1st go round with them didn't go so well and let's say it had NOTHING to do with the performance of the ball....

    Happy 2018 to all!
  6. Tyler H

    A new 917 fairway (from myself )and a Team Titleist winter hat.
  7. A Macleod

    Received new players 14 way stand bag & Titleist umbrella.
  8. Chuck Z

    I keep well stocked and up to date during the year and actually wished for nothing at Christmas pertaining to golf.
  9. pulplvr

    I exchanged a gift for a dozen high number Pro V1X balls. I gave each of my local golf buddies a personalized Titleist Essential Valuables bag, SKU: TA6ESVP-0.
  10. Hotsauce

    My only golf related gift was asking the Mrs. to say yes to a lovely trip in May!
  11. Joshua B

    I got the holiday limited edition driver and 3 wood headcovers...woohoo nice!
  12. Steve N

    A dozen AVX and two pairs of shoes. Now, if temperature would return to normal South Carolina temps all would be good!
  13. joe t

    Santa comes In the Spring when the new golf products come out.
    I can't wait.
  14. Jim K

    Got the car salesman to throw in some Pro V1s when I bought a new truck!
  15. Greg L

    718 T-MBs, but they haven't arrived yet. Can wait for them!
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