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Golf Channel Am Tour vs. Golfweek Am Tour

Corey T

Just curious (from those that have played either or both amateur tours) which is the best and why between the Golf Channel Am Tour and the Golfweek Am Tour? What were your experiences???

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  1. Mike H

    I haven’t played in either but have looked into it and for the money and competition the state tournaments look to be a lot better.

    Just joined the Golfweek Amtour. More events, closer courses to my home. Lots of competition. I live in NY so you need to weight that in your State.
    Good Luck. The competition is great.
  3. ScottyC50

    Played in the Am tour for about 7 years. Loved the competition, trophies, and majors. Entry fees were around $100, but I helped the tournament director and played for half price. The main reason I left was that the tee times were moved from 7-8 AM to 11-12 PM, virtually shooting a whole weekend day. At least when they were early tee times, I was home by noon or 1pm. Loved the competition, no real sandbaggers in my city...loads of fun. I will say it can get expensive if you play in every local event, and go to a few majors.
  4. Jim K

    I'd be curious to learn more. Not really for me as I'm really just a social player, but I'm interested in seeing what this is all about and how they work.
  5. Hitn18

    I play on the Golf Channel Am Tour and have not played on the Golfweek tour but looked into both when I decided to go with the Golf Channel, so here is my personal take. Both tours are well run and seem to offer a very similar experience, I went with he Golf Channel Tour because it is much larger and seems to offer a much better selection of courses/tournaments to play in. I will add the the Golf Channel Tournaments seem to be a bit more expensive. In the area I live there are two regions very close so I had a very good selection of tournaments to pick from, with the Golfweek tour my selection was far less and would involve much more travel on a regular basis. I also travel a bit for work and everyplace I travel there was a Golf Channel region were I could sign up and play in tournaments. Lastly the level of courses available on the Golf Channel Am Tour was a bit better, I have had the opportunity to play some courses I never would have been able to even get on to. Either way I am sure you will enjoy whichever one you choose, the competition and camaraderie on both are fantastic.
  6. Randall R

    Have played Golfweek Am tour for 7 years (4 on Sr.,last 3 on regular tour since St. Louis does't offer Sr. option). Have found it to be good competition, and play some nice courses. By comparison, the GC tour has a really high membership fee, but most tournament fees are similar. Also, might check with your state or regional golf assn, since some have an amateur schedule of tournaments, like the Carolina GA has, for example. (called one days)
  7. Richard F

    Where can I find information on both tours?
  8. Russell L

    I haven't played either but I do play in local amateur tours that are lots of fun and competitive.
  9. Edward K

    As a tournament player for many years, I think you have to try them out. Are you looking for true competition, or to just play different courses? In my area in Florida, we have half a dozen options for competition, so I'm not loyal to anyone. You won't know until you play a few on each, to be honest.....
  10. Randall R

    Both tours have websites that list the cities they have tours in, and the schedules of events.
  11. Don O

    Richard F

    Where can I find information on both tours?

    "The Google" will locate the websites. In WI, the only one tour that is local is Golf Channel (Milwaukee region), next is Chicago region. So in part it depends on what is offered in your area. I'm thinking about it as there are few local events.
  12. Kevin B

    I have played the golf channel amtour in long Island for the past 3 years and love it.
    I know several guys that play both. There is not much of a difference between the two tours. Most of the golf channels tournaments are on weekends ( which is why i chose golf channel) the golfweek tour has more weekday tournaments. I'm sure each region varys, but for me here in NY I have Long Island, hudson valley, NJ, Philly tours that I play.
    It's a lot of fun playing on the Amtour which ever one you choose... Good luck and Have Fun!
  13. Steve N

    This is an honest assessment albeit somewhat long (sorry).

    I played int the Golf Channel AmTour for 5 years. It was fun and competitive, especially after you get to know the guys that compete locally and also on a national level (which they call "Majors").

    All Majors are at very nice resorts/courses; many are bucket list courses (TPC Sawgrass, Innisbrook, Pinehurst, Kiawah, Kohler/Whistling Straits, PGA West, etc.) These weekend two day events are a lot of fun and generally are a pretty good value, as these are expensive places to play and GC gets a good deal. On the downside, most of the Majors are played off season or on shoulder season to get the lower rates. Personally, I have played TPC Sawgrass and Innisbrook in pretty darn cold weather. But, occaisionally, you get really lucky with the weather and it is a fantastic time to play these high caliber courses in a competition. I had great times at Whistling Straits, Pinehurst, Myrtle Beach (True Blue & Caledonia), Orange County National, Innisbrook (when it was warm) and TPC Sawgrass (when it was warm).

    The GC AmTour is well run on the national level and the local level is dependent on the local Tour Director. We have an outstanding Tour Director in the Carolinas.

    To be clear, you will only enjoy the GC AmTour as much as you compete in it. They have a cumulative scoring system that qualifies you for the Local Finale and the Grand National Tournament. So, you really have to commit to a lot of events to qualify those. Fortunately, I played in the Local Finale and the Grand National Tournament at TPC Sawgrass (this time in late August/early September) and it was an outstanding event. Tee gifts, dinners, competition -- everything you'd ask for in a large event.

    I don't participate anymore because I got tired of all the travel (even some local events can be a long way away). It can get expensive when you compete at 10 or so local events ($100+/- each) and at one or two Majors for $300 - $800/each plus travel, meals and hotel. But, if you want to really compete, entry fees and travel are part of the program.

    Now I compete as a Senior in the Carolina Golf Association events. The events are on Monday and Tuesdays at very good private and resort courses. But, now I can take a Monday and Tuesday off, whereas before I had to play on weekends. And, even though it has lower entry fees than GC AmTour, travel is still part of the deal and you have to sign up as soon as they open several weeks in advance.

    As for comparing, Golfweek and GC AmTours, I know several guys that play in the Golfweek Tour. But, I didn't primarily because my schedule was full with GC AmTour, I liked the guys on GC AmTour and the GC AmTour played by all tournament rules - whereas at that time the Golfweek Tour set a maximum on number of strokes per hole, which I felt was not true competition (just my opinion). I'm sure Golfweek is just fine. I just enjoyed GC AmTour staff and players.
  14. Randall R

    Richard, the Golfweek tour has a Milwaukee tour, run by the same person who has the Chicago and St. Louis tours

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