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12 days of Christmas?

Jeffery M

Is Team Titleist having the 12 days of Christmas this year? Love to win some of the great gifts like they had last year.

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  1. Steve S

    Hey Jeffery, I was wondering that as well. I really enjoyed that last year. Didn't win anything, but loved just being involved. Here in South Jersey, the courses are snow covered at the moment. With 3 inches more expected today. I check TT quite a few times a day. Hoping they do it again.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  2. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Great question, guys. All I can say is stay tuned next week... we just might have something planned.

    Have a great weekend!

    - Mike
  3. Titleist Fan 179

    Thanks Mike D. Looking forward to an announcement!
  4. richard f

    Didn't know you guys did that , sounds really good
  5. Dwayne N

    Oh boy like a kid now looking for Santa
  6. Steve S

    Thanks for the update Mike D. I know I'll be tuned in.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  7. Jim K

    Great question. Can't wait.
  8. nate l

    Thanks for the update Mike!
  9. JoeyC

    Would love this!
  10. Chuck Z

    Ho, ho, ho..... Thanks Santa Mike......
  11. Chris Hatem

    Chuck Z

    Ho, ho, ho..... Thanks Santa Mike......

  12. JAMES S

    watching ....waiting.....can't wait!!!
  13. N Anthony S

    I loved playing as well. Thanks #Team Titleist for everything!
    Post Image
  14. Kathy J

    Can't wait!
  15. ADeLucia

    cant wait to see what they have planned!

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