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Titleist Thursday’s

Jim K

Does anyone know if the Titleist Thursday events held at private clubs are generally open to the public? I’m looking to get fit for a new set of irons and was also curious if a Titleist fitting day or a Titleist Thursday event would be better?

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  1. Don O

    Any published Titleist event is open to the public. There are private events at private clubs for members only. A Titleist Thursday is a scheduled full 30 minute session. You could schedule more than 1 fitting for irons/woods/wedges. A fitting day won't have scheduled times and may not allow much 1 on 1 time especially if busy.
  2. Dale V

    I did one at The Grand in Del Mar and it was open to the public by registering on line at the Titleist site. They are a semi-private, high-end resort course but I had no problem feeling welcome. Go for it!
  3. Rob_Roth1

    Normally they are just call ahead to the pro shop and be very nice. You can also email the head pro and ask him.
  4. ADeLucia

    Definitely do a Titleist Thursday! it is a great experience and it will ensure that you get one on one time since you have to make appointments. The fitters are absolute professionals and will help you get the right equipment.
  5. Chuck Z

    When they are announced on this site, you can plug in your zip code and it will tell you where the nearest will be for you. Go to that schedule and make an appointment on line and they last around 45 minutes. You can do them back to back if openings are available. I have done a number of fittings thru this program since it conception with much success. The product specialist/Titleist Fitters are excellent at their speciality and the beauty of this program, the fittings are FREE. I like the Titleist Thursdays because the fittings are done at a range versus in doors.
  6. Edward K

    I've been to several different fittings at private clubs. It helps us Titleist guys that most of the private club pro's in my area are Titleist guys as well. And I've got to play a few courses I normally wouldn't have been able to because of it. Cards played right can bring in a few perks along the way....

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