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Ordered new AP3 after a good fitting at Tadmarton Golf club, arrived 2 weeks later, bang on schedule. First round played shot level handicap, 6 pars...

Club Fitting


Of the shafts listed on your the x100 an extra stiff shaft

Club Fitting

Club fitting

I recently had a fitting for the new AP1 irons and hybrids. This was truly an eye opening experience and very enjoyable. I...

Club Fitting

Shaft Truing?

I would like to know if the clubs I custom ordered from Titleist (through the bag) had shafts that were trued to locate the...

Club Fitting

AP1 or AP2

HI, I've had a rest from competitive golf for last 18 months, I play of a handicap of 8, before my golf break my...

Club Fitting

Tmb fitting

How would you go about getting fit for one tmb long iron. Can they swap in different shafts to try or are they all fixed...

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