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2 iron, hybrid or none?

Tristan W

As of right now I have a driver, 3 wood, 4 - W (48*) iron set, 52*,56*,60* wedges and a putter. My distance gap between my 3 wood and 4 iron is about 30 yards. Do i take out a club ( which one) and get a hybrid or a 2 iron, or do I just grip down when it is necessary with my 3 wood?

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  1. Mike H

    30 yards is a large gap for scoring clubs but is not the worst thing from 200+ out. Replacing either with a 2 iron or hybrid may cause gaps in other places. For a while and still occasionally I play a 5 wood repalcing either the 3 hybrid or 3 wood depending on course length. which gives good gapping for me. Just another option or club to look into.
  2. Dale V

    I would suggest getting a hybrid and then just alternate between your hybrid, the 4 iron, and gap wedge depending on the course you play.
  3. Don O

    You could use a 19 degree FW or HY based on preference, distance, and accuracy. The 3W with a lower launch than the 19 degree might be hard to control on an approach shot. A 2 driving iron like a T-MB is another personal preference.
  4. augusto r

  5. Rooster

    With my new set up, 718 ap3 (5i - GW), SM6 54 & 60, 917D2 driver and 917F fairway. I did not order a 4 iron but opted for 818H1 hybrid instead. My gapping is great. With the scotty putter I only carry 13 clubs. I am happy with that. Just figured I would not hit 4i too often.
  6. Geraint I

    Tristan, agree that 30yrd is a big gap but would you play that more often than the 60deg? I used to have same as you have currently but tracking rounds over summer noted that dropping 60deg was the correct option for me.
  7. Thomas Y

    If you play the same course for most/all of your rounds, I'd suggest customizing your set up with clubs/distances you frequently encounter. Do you need the distance of the 3-metal, or would a 4 or 5-metal be adequate? Do you use the 4-iron often? What is the distance gap between your 4 and 5-iron? If this is smaller than 15 yards, perhaps taking out the 4-iron in favor of something that provides a bit more distance (fitting between the 3-wd and 5-iron with more even gaps each way than say, 30 and 10 yards) might be more appropriate. I feel larger distance gaps at the long club end of the bag make more sense than large distance gaps at the scoring end of the bag.
  8. LHechenbleikner

    I’m assuming that you would have to drop a club, because your iron set has a PW and W? What is the loft on your 4 iron, and how far do you hit your 4 iron and 3 wood and under what circumstances? Doesn’t seem like a huge gap to me. I play a tmb 3 iron in between my 913F 15 degree 3 wood and AP2 4 iron and like the gapping, but I’m guessing your iron set has less loft than my older ‘tour’ loft AP2s so my PW is 47 degrees.

    Tristan, like others said above, I think it depends on how often in a round you have to shots that require you to crank up on a 4 iron or choke down on your 3 wood. I might suggest getting a hybrid or possibly a 718 T-MB iron and depending on the course replace your 56 or 60 degree wedge with that club as needed.

  10. Tom P

    I will provide you a simple answer: take out the 3 wood and replace it with a 19 degree fairway wood. You can tweak that club 1 1/2 degrees either way based on your needs and preference.
  11. Mark N

    Tristan I would look to add a hybrid. Try a 3, 4 or a 5. See what distance u hit each to figure which 1 u need. I carry 3 wood then jump to a 4 and 5 hybrid. Then to a 5 iron. Your bag should be setup for the course u play most. I have 2 courses I play a lot and this works for me. Still very rarely hit the 5 iron.

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