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TMB 2 Iron

Kevin H

Is there any way to hit the TMB 2 iron? The place where I work has all the demo clubs but its a stock 7 or 6 iron club head. I'm looking into a driving iron and want to start with Titleist.

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  1. Chris Hatem

    Usually the demo days/Titleist Thursdays have almost every club you can imagine. I know the feeling of not being find a club to try out because I'm lefty!
  2. Nicholas H


    Have your club call Titleist and order a demo 2-iron. My club was able to do this last year with a 716 T-MB 4-iron for me. I then ordered the 4/5 irons with the shaft/specs I wanted. This year my club had the 2-4 demos for the 718 T-MB.

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