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Like a 10 year old at Christmas

Paul C

Recently I made the decision to change some of my equipment from other not to be named brands and after much investigation decided to go for the 917F2 15 degree fairway. While there i felt it would be a good idea to change my wedges to get a more consistent feel and gapping. One session wasn't quite long enough so I went back for a second fitting during which time I decided that my irons weren't really doing what I needed to so would be adding a set of those into the mix. After another hour and a quarter we settled on the new AP3's in 5 to Wedge, 917F2, Vokey 52 degree and Vokey 56 degree. As these were custom fit I'm now waiting (5 days into the 7-10 working days lead time) for them to arrive like my 3 year old waiting for Santa. I'm playing next Sunday and praying they arrive in time.

Now I need to plan getting the Bag and have it cusomised with the Team Titleis Logo and my name - which is nice but also acts as a pretty good deterent to someone stealing it as they will find it difficult to sell on with someones name on.

After that, I just need to replace the driver and hybrid and the bag will be complete. Happy to finally be in the Titleist family and suspect I will be here for a very long time :)

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  1. Connor M

    Where you playing this Sunday?
  2. Dale V

    Welcome PCross. I totally understand the way one fix waterfalls into more. Even with all Titleist clubs I usually start with a plan to update one that eventually leads to the rest of the set. Hope you get them before your next round. If not, soon after. Enjoy!
  3. Barry S

    It's like a painting 1 wall in a room. It snowballs into all the others.
  4. Jeremy L

    I recently updated my bag to all Titleist. I dove all in a replaced all my clubs with new Titleist. It's like Lay's potato chips, can't eat just one!!! Hope you enjoy because I am loving my new set-up!!!
  5. Paul C

    Thanks for the comments guys, I just want them here now so I can begin the journey!!
    I don't think I'll be waiting long for the three items needed to complete the collection.
    Connor M, Hopefully we'll be playing Hampton Court Palace Golf Course although if we can't get on there then Royal Ascot will be the back up.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the personalised bags, think it would be a good deterent to thiefs as must be difficult to pass on a bag with a name on it?
  6. Kathy J

    It looks good with TT logo and your name. I would tend to agree who wants a bag with someone else's name on it. It is worth the extra money!
  7. nate l

    Congrats on the purchase! Welcome to the TT Family!
  8. Paul C

    Thanks for your comment, do you have a rough idea as to what the additional costs would be for this?

    Today is day 7 of the 7-10 days lead time for my clubs so any day now :)

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