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a) MCA Golf, subsidiary of Mitsubishi Rayon which itself is a sub of Mitsubishi Chemical b) MRC Golf, parent of Mitsubishi Rayon, which is also under Mitsubishi Chemical. Mitsubishi Materials is a sub of the overall parent, the Mitsubishi Group of Co's. THEREFORE, what effect is there on the quality of golf shafts made for Titleist, etc....given recent exposure of quality scandal at Mitsubishi Materials???

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  1. Don O

    Might be a good question on GolfWRX, as most of the shafts Titleist uses are commercial shafts used by custom fitters everywhere. Someone on that forum may find if any of this drifts down to shaft quality. I don't know if every lot is checked at the plant, but Titleist does test and approve any shaft before placing the option in their matrix. Titleist will take back any club under warranty if you have a problem with the quality to be rechecked. I'm comfortable that Titleist will stand by any product they sell.

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