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Driver Shaft

Juan C


My son is a junior golfer. This past weekend he was in a golf tournament and one of the kids he was paired with on the second day asked him, "why don't you have a Titleist Driver by now". The boy's shaft supposedly was worth more than the driver head.

Well my son has convinced me, I have ordered the 917D3 club head but I can't make up my mind on shafts. Currently he drives the ball 265-270yds with the Kuro Kage Black shaft. I'd want something that's going to add another 20yds if possible. Can it be done?

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  1. Chuck Z

    Hopefully you had him fitted for the new driver before thinking about ordering it. At that time the fitter should have been able to match the best shaft with that head. If he was not fitted, I would suggest taking him to a Titleist fitter and checking out the shafts available and see if you can get that extra yardage. A proper fit is the key.

    Juan, your best bet is to have your son fit for the shaft. Go to a local fitter and find out what shaft works the best for your son. All we will give you is guesses.

  3. Dale V

    Juan, you can get a shaft but the head-shaft combo would be best if determined by a professional fitter who can get your son's swing profile on TrackMan. Please get him fit to maximize the selection. Titleist has free fittings on Titleist Thursdays. Click on the link and find the closest one to you.
  4. Dwayne N

    Best to see a fitter
  5. Luke R

    See a professional fitter with a trackman. As we all know, shafts can be very expensive! Best of luck.

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