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716 CB


I have read plenty of reviews of the 716 CB’s but I wanted those of you here at TT to give me your opinion on these clubs? Now that prices have decreased on the 716 line I am considering picking up the CB’s. What are your guys thoughts on distance performance and forgiveness? I know they have been compared with the AP2 but not sure if this holds true for everyone?

What are your opinions for those of you who play the 716 CB?

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  1. Tim H

    I switcher from ap2 710's to 716CB. I think m'y 716CB's Are equally forgiving and I can Control the trejectory better.
  2. Jeff K

    I went to a Titleist Thursday and tried 716 AP1's, AP2's and CB's. The AP2's were more consistent for me. I didn't buy just then, I was heading overseas on a business trip and whilst away the 718's were announced. I also saw the C16's. Later I went to the Titleist fiiting centre for a 2 hour fitting. Didn't try the CB's again but tried many different shafts on the AP2's. Different shafts had much more of an effect than I expected. I wanted to try the C16's but they only come in 2 shafts. Luckily for me the best AP2 shaft was one of these. I hit the C16's much farther than the AP2's.

    Whilst this isn't really a comparison between the AP2's and the CB's, it shows that the shaft is very important these days and getting fitted even moreso.
  3. mj

    thinking same, currently playing AP-2 712; like u said...lots of deals out there for CB; however....getting right shat ..adds to total cost..
  4. Russell Y

    I came to the 716CB the other way. Always been a blade player and was looking for more forgiveness and distance control as I wasn't playing as often as I used to. I wish I had switched before as they are the most forgiving club I have ever played and they are so consistent for distance even with slight off centre strikes. With any new club I would get custom fit as the numbers never lie. The 716CB also look amazing in the bag and I get no end of comments
  5. Rizal K

    I have a set of 716 CBs and a set of 716 MBs. I bought the CBs first and the MBs about a year after. Both are in NS Pro 950 Stiff as I am comfortable with this shaft model.

    The CBs are great. The feel is much better than the AP2s. I can never hit the AP2s properly. Not sure why.

    The MBs are easier to manuever during the downswing if this really means anything.

    On the off center hits, I never like off center hits. So even if I were to use any forgiving clubs, I will keep on practising to prevent off center hits. Therefore, in making a purchase, I would rather weigh whether I am able to use a particular model than considering the forgiveness it offers. Cheers !
  6. JCaldwell

    I've been in the 716CB about 16 months. I came from an old blade and did't want to stay in one with my new set. Distance improved obviously from being fit off TrackMan. Off center I don't notice much, if I miss it obviously I'm not putting. That's with any manufacturer. Sweet spot is a smidge larger than a MB, but if you put a bad swing on any iron shot (AP3 or MB), it's not going the same distance.
  7. Ajit P

    I’ve had a LOT of Titleist irons:962,735, 690MB, 2sets of CB’s last ones were 714’s, gen 1 AP2 and currently play 716AP2 with a set of Muria blades in between. I play to a 7.3 and my current set make-up is: 917D2/F2 with MB 2i, 716 AP2 3 to PW, Vokey SM6 52 and Cameron Newport 2.6. After reading the latest specs on the new line, I have been very tempted to switch back to CB as I love the look and feel more than the AP2’s. Again, it’s somewhat of the shiny new toy syndrome as I’m playing well, even though my season in Wisconsin is over and I’ve only had my current irons since March 2016. This probably doesn’t help but we play a game where your mindset is so key & having TOTAL confidence (love) in your tools needs to be there.
  8. Ajit P

    Having had over 8 sets of Titleist irons (currently playing AP2 716) I am strongly considering going back to the CB line of 718’s for next year. I had 714 CB’s before the switch to AP2’s and in the search for a hint more forgiveness, I lost feel. I play to a 7.3.

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