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Lead Tape on the Club Crown: Conforming?

Rizal K

Hi everybody,

I tested my 917F2 earlier today with a piece of lead tape on the crown. The performance was superb and I am really satisfied with the outcome.

But I wonder whether this is conforming to the rules of golf. Appreciate any advice.

I am attaching the a photo for reference. Thanks in advance !

Post Image

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  1. AWells

    I forget which player this year it was, but he was in a tournament, and had forgotten to take off the stickers from 2 of his irons. He suffered an 8 stroke penalty and eventual disqualification. I don't know ht rule exactly, but it has something to do with modifications to the club?
  2. Dale V

    Lead tape is allowed as long as it is not added or removed during play. There is nothing in the rules that says it has to be placed on the bottom or out of your line of sight. Check USGA 14-3 and Decision 4-1.
  3. Jeff K

    It was from his 6 iron and driver. Copped 2 shots for the tenth hole (his 1 first) and the eleventh, as he was walking to the eleventh tee. It's 2 shots for each club for each hole, including the one you're going to if you have finished playing a hole.

    These were face sticker markers, which are not allowed during play. Lead tape is permitted but it can't be altered during a round. The video interview of the paly who got penalised is on the PGA website.
  4. Rizal K

    Thanks, guys. Looks like I am going to use this for a while to make sure I need the right Surefit CG.
  5. mj

    Dale is right.. below is Scott Piercy iron
  6. richard f

    That's good to know that

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