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690MB set or heads

Doug D

Does anyone know of places to try and find these besides eBay? I missed out on a set at 2nd swing golf.

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  1. Don O

    There are at least 3 vendors with public stores, direct online, and also are linked through e-Bay besides 2nd Swing. I have filled in or traded in on occasion with sites in MA, NC, and TX.
  2. Doug D

    Do you know the name of the vendors
  3. Don O

    Dallas, Global, and 3Balls. I believe the latter 2 are now one ownership. At various times, I've done business with all 4 in this thread. The last 2 used to be a great deal more when I was trying "everything" hoping "something" would work (pre-Titleist period) In any event, you may have to try both their sites and their e-Bay stores - and keep on trying. Titleist used iron sets are almost a rarity (well, if you're LH for sure).
  4. 19hole

    I bet that I have a set or two of them in my closet....
  5. Doug D


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