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New AP3s

Andy S

New AP 3s in the bag

I did it, I recently replaced my 712 AP2s with project X shafts. After working with my Titleist fitter I ended up with a new set of AP3s with TINSI red regular flex shafts. After ordering I was a little bit worried about going with the regular flex graphite shafts. Was that the swing of the day and would my regular swing would be different?

Well I’m happy to say the new clubs are working great! At 60 years old and a 12 handicap the added distance (about 1 full club difference) is a nice surprise. I know the AP3s have a couple of degrees stronger loft and that is probably most of the distance gain, but with the new shafts the numbers show nearly identical height on the 8 and 6 irons (the only 2 I tested) and similar roll out. So, I’m back to distances I was hitting 5 years ago. If you are thinking about upgrading your clubs I highly recommend you find a qualified fitter and trust the numbers. It certainly seems to working for me. And… the 818 hybrid – money.

BTW, Team Titleist - we are unable to update our profile with the new 718 clubs.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Andy, Glad to hear that the new AP3's are working for you. I think they are great as well! I'm not sure when you went to update your bag, but if you sign in and click on What's in my bag in your profile, all the new models are listed there in the drop downs this morning.

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