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Stuart B

Just received email notification that tour seeding of the new sm7 was commencing, any chance of a sneak preview of the looks?

How quickly will we be able to buy them?


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  1. Tyler H

    Follow Titleist and Vokey on Instagram and Facebook and I am sure you will see a few shots of them in the coming days. 

  2. pulplvr

    If you re-check the email, you'll see that it says Prototype SM7 wedges. First step in the development process. New ones most likely won't be out until late this year or early next year, in my opinion.
  3. Abby L., Team Titleist Staff

    Hey Stuart! Make sure you're following along on the Vokey Design Wedges social media - @VokeyWedges on Twitter, @VokeyWedges on Facebook and Vokey Wedges on Facebook - for a preview of the SM7 wedges and Tour seeding.

    All the best,
    Team Titleist Staff
  4. Jack H

    I got the same email and I click on the more info at the button and it took me to the webpage below. They look sweet!

  5. george t

    They look nice, but the timing of their release always works against me. Since I can’t carry my pro shop credit over, I decided to pick up some SM6 wedges now.

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