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AP1 or AP3

Ricky S

I have been golfing now for my 5th year and am 62 years old. Got a late start and wish now I would have started a long time ago. I started out with a cheap set of older clubs and about three years ago got a set of Muzino JPX EZ Irons that I never hit very well, probably more me than the clubs. I now have a set of TM M2's, regular flex, and have a handicap of 14 and after playing 80 rounds with them seems that I am getting as good with them as I am going to get. Have always wanted Titleist clubs but want to make sure that this is the last set of irons that I need for awhile. Can't afford to buy a new set after this. I was fitted for my M2 irons as well. Just need some some advice on going to AP1 or the new AP3. I now hit my M2, 7 Iron average 132 yards.

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  1. Arturo G

    You are probably too good for AP1. I just bought AP3 and couldn't be happier.
  2. Dale V

    Hey Ricky, better late than never to catch the golfing bug. Sounds like the AP1 will be right for you but getting fit to the right shaft, flex, and lie are just as important. Go to one of the demo days or Titleist Thursdays and get fit for free. It will make a huge difference in getting your optimal club performance. Oh, and have fun out there!
  3. AWells

    Hey Rick, I was just fitted for my Titleist and i hit all 6 models during the fit. If i were you I would use the Titleist fitting locator here on the website and book an appointment or find a Titleist Thursday if they have them in your area. Also IMHO I think you would truly benefit from the technology and precision placed in the AP1's. Those combined with the right shaft will have you golfing like you have always imagined. I recemtly bought my 718 AP2's and I, like you always wanted Titleist. It was the best move I have ever made in my golf.
  4. Don O

    I'm 67 and started about 7 years ago and sorry I waited 30 years too long, as well. Titleist now has an iron combination that can match your game. To me, iron selection is mostly how forgiving do you need your iron to be? No better person to assess than a qualified Titleist fitter. Titleist Thursdays or Premier fitting sites, whichever one you can get to will have the best fitters and equipment short of Oceanside or Manchester Lane. To note, my AP1 716 was around your 7I, and my AP3 is now about 138, better launch, and more consistent. Have fun looking for that forever club.
  5. 19hole

    My best advice....Get properly fitted! That will tell you if; 1) you will gain anything with the change 2) which clubhead you hit better 3) exactly which shaft you should use and 4) maybe a combination of the two clubheads will work best.

    You fitter can really improve your golfing experience.
  6. Gary L

    My mind was set on the ap3s before I went to tpi oceanside.after testing ap1s and ap3s, my results were better with the ap1s.I've played forged blades all my life until I got the 714 ap2s. 718 Ap1s are definitely more cosmetic than prior years.
  7. Tim I

    Arturo, too good for AP1???

    No one is too good for anything. Tested for all 6 models best fitting and feel AP1.
    Aged 51 Left Handed & Handicap currently 8. Have to chase everywhere to find Demo's left handed!!!

    AP3 felt thin for every shot even though centre of club hit.

    AP1 great looking club now too. miz forged before these new sticks. Amazing feel, 2 clubs extra distance and current dispersion is amazing.

    Ricky - Go and enjoy testing them, you will know which one even without the computer once fitters have finished!!

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