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Questions about AP1 714's

mike roye

I'm sure some of you guys have played these irons. I have a chance to buy a good used set , my handicap is about 10. Please share your thoughts on these clubs.

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  1. HIoannou

    hello there mike.

    I started with Ap1 716 irons as my first set . I currently use the new model Ap3. I am playing to a 10 handicap also. When i used my AP1s i was playing to a 13 handicap. Moving on with my experience with the AP1s i have to say they felt and looked great. I loved every moment using them. However the one downside i would say is i didn't quite like the chunky look to them, i guess you could say that about most other clubs. Furthermore i would like to share the fact that the AP1s a great forgiving set of irons and offered huge amounts of distance, as when i was using them i was hitting the ball long distances then i would with other irons in the past. I hope this helped.

    Cheers harry, all the best.
    have good day.
  2. Eric C

    The 714 AP1's were my first Titleist irons and I liked them for the consistency they provide. Once I had my distances with each iron they stayed true within the confines of my swing, any goofy distances were my fault not the club. I now use 716 AP1's really just for the xp90 shaft in place of the xp95. The height numbers were better for me just a little but I still get that yardage I can count on. The 714's are really good irons in my book.
  3. Don O

    The 714 was a great club when it was launched so it still is. You only need to check that the lie is within 1-2 degrees of what you need and that the shaft is appropriate for your swing. Reshafting a new metal shaft will start at $35-50 per club. The "downside" is the top line isn't visually the same as a AP or CB and what the AP1 does is help to deliver straight shots so not as easy to fade or draw on command.
  4. Norm H

    I played 714 AP1s with the XP95 reg flex shaft for 3 years. I went to the 716 AP1s this year mainly for the lighter KURO KAGE graphite shaft. Other than the lighter graphite being easier to swing I don't see much difference in these clubs. They are both great irons. Just make sure the shaft flex is right for you and check your divots with these irons to make sure the lie is correct.
  5. mike roye

    Thanks for the tips fellas. The sticks are now in the bag.

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