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Have you tried the new Titleist 718 T-MB Irons?

Abby L., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

Hi Team Titleist,

We want to hear from you! Are you currently gaming the new 718 T-MB irons? Have you gone through a fitting? Played your best round? Or are you seeing better results and more consistency in your game? Whatever the case may be, we’d love to hear your feedback. Share your stories below and let us know what you think of the new 718 T-MB irons. We look forward to reading your feedback! 



Team Titleist Staff 

13 Replies

  1. TeeJ

    I’m only gaming the T-MB 3 iron. Just replaced my trusty 712U. I personally like the sound and feel better than the 712. Love the club!
  2. vurich

    Was fitted by Dino at TPI for the 716 T-MB's last October. Purchased the full set. Can't wait to try out the 718 line! Heard great things. Someone even told me the 718 T-MB's would increase vitality and make me a better person! So hey, I've got that going for me...
  3. AWells

    Kathy Stecyk fit me for the 718 AP2 (5-PW), and I got asking her about hybrids etc, and she let me hit a T-MB 4 iron of the series and man o man not only was it easy to hit, but very forgiving and very long!!
  4. Tim Tiger

    My 716 TMB's aren't a year old yet. Still loving them. Have hit the 718's and really was no great change from my set that I could see. Tried out the new version AMT shafts to play with flighting the ball. They are so pretty to put into play.
    The demos are readily available, so can try them whenever needed. My Titleist rep Pat Mo is a really great guy and always accommodating.

  5. chris b

    Get my irons this weekend! T-MB 4-iron & AP3 5-PW. Can't wait to put them in play. Will post results next week after a few rounds in Orlando.
  6. Dr. Kovatchian

    I have a 716 T-MB 3i in the bag at the moment...insanely awesome no need to change.

    Dr. K
  7. om v

    I just got fitted for new irons with Paul F. in Illinois. I went with T-MB 4 iron and so far, I absolutely love it!!
    I really like how easy it is to launch compared to the AP2 4 iron and for me, it sits perfectly between my 5 iron and a 3 hybrid!

    On my first day, I was 200 yards out in some trouble left and was able to keep it low and shape a nice fade... on the green and two-putted for a par!
  8. Davymart

    Fit them at Galloway National early this fall. 4 - PW with KBS $-taper 120 shaft. Way less dispersion than my 716 AP2. Love the feel. Will put them into play in the spring.
  9. Rizal K

    Tried 718 T-MB on demo day. Easy distance. Much easier to hit than AP2.
  10. Titleist Fan 4372

    I’m a 6 handicap and 69 years young. I’ve been playing a full set of TMB 716s since they were first available in 4-PW. Ordered set with Kuro Kage 85 g shaft later replaced that shaft with AeroTech Steel fiber 85. I have been very satisfied with that AeroTech shaft and glad it’s now available from Titleist. Only problem I’ve experienced was 5 iron head cracked but was replaced by Titleist very quickly. I normally hit a great number of balls and have played Titleist forged clubs in the past and have to replace the heads about every two years but the TMBs are not showing the wear that forged clubs usually show after two years use. While my 5 iron head was being repaired I weakened the loft on the 4 iron and have been playing with a set made up of 4, then 6-PW. My next set of TMBs will be the same set up 4, 6-PW. Bill
  11. Cavman

    Have a 718 2-Iron in the T-MB. It is a magnificent club. Easy to hit, and has a piercing ball flight for the short, tight par-4s on our course. Has been a great purchase and looks cool in the bag.

    However, it definitely does feel different than the 718 AP2s. It feels harder, but not hard overall (if that makes sense). If they forged the T-MBs it would be the ultimate club.

    Let me know if you want additional feedback.
  12. Wade W

    No, because I can't imagine replacing my 716 T-MBs (3-5).

    Guess that's what Titleist gets for making a superior product!

  13. Dale V

    Yes Abby, I went to a demo day thinking I would get fit into 718 AP1 but we also tried the 718 T-MB and I was hooked. Loved the higher ball flight and feel. I did get worse results on miss-hits but could work the ball better than AP1 and they look so good. Ordered mine a couple of days ago and will be camped outside my door until they arrive. Can’t wait to take them to Bandon in February.

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