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917 F2 / F3 Active Recoil Channel Rubber Piece


I took my new 15 degree 917 F2 to the range today and within about 10 swings the rubber piece in the active recoil channel flew out. I put the piece back in but it fell out after every single swing.

Is there a trick to getting it back in the slot?

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  1. Chris T., Club Concierge

    Hi Jeremy,

    We are sorry to hear about this issue with your 917 fairway metal. Please take the head to your local authorized Titleist retailer, preferably the place of purchase, and have them contact our warranty department. They will be able to setup a work order on your behalf and return the club to us for replacement.

    Let me know if you have any issues.
  2. JStanger

    I purchased from an eBay seller. Is there a number that I can call to have the serial number checked for authenticity? Also, is the head supposed to be hollow behind the active recoil channel? I can visually see the weight from the slot when the rubber piece isn't in the ARC.
  3. JStanger

    Thank you Chris. Can you give me a number that I can contact to ensure authenticity? I purchased from an eBay seller and want to confirm the serial number. Everything looks legit but you never know.
  4. Chris T., Club Concierge

    You can give Cathi or I a call at 888-TITLEIST. We are here from 6:00-3:30 Pacific.
  5. 19hole

    I had the same thing happen on my 15° 917F. A quick call to Titleist and it was replaced. Nothing but the best in Customer Service!
  6. JStanger

    Do you remember what kind of strike caused it? I am pretty sure mine was low on the face which probably caused the ARC to compress resulting in the insert flying out. Hopefully this doesn't become common.

    I spoke with Cathi last night and she confirmed serial numbers matched up with the head and shaft and to take it to a Titleist retailer for warranty replacement.
  7. TChoi

    Hi i Live in Brazil and my 3Wood had some problems the active recoil channel flew out!what can i do?


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