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917 Surefit hosel

Robert J

A couple of past posts asked whether the 917 driver Surefit hosel is back compatible to 910-915 shafts. Since the 917 has been seeded now can anybody from the concierge staff comment even it is to tell us we will have to wait til the 917 is released to retail. Thanks Bob J

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  1. Breks19

    Robert, I spoke with my rep last week and he assured me that the 917 will be reverse compatible with the 910,913, and 915 hosel. I too was wondering about this since I have found a shaft that has been working very well for me and did not want to have to switch the tips out.

  2. Chris T., Club Concierge

    Hi Bob,

    We will continue to use our best in class SureFit hosel system that allows golfers to independently adjust loft and lie on the 910, 913, 915, and eventually the 917 lines. We believe the SureFit sleeve is a tour van in a hosel and that players benefit greatly by being able to adjust launch and shot shape.

    All the best
  3. Stuart B

    This is good and bad, good that our preferred shafts will fit..........bad that I now need to ask the bank manager if I can change drivers(again!)
  4. Robert J

    Thankyou Chris. I have an older Fujikura F1 60 shaft that I purchased as an upcharge for my 910 and would not want to give up. I even purchased a Rogue silver 110 last year but ended up going back to the Fujikura.
    Bob J
  5. Edward K

    Let me guess, Titleist has had some people already asking if they can buy just the club head on the 917?
  6. mblanchard

    Hi, I sold a 915 driver shaft to someone who tried to fit it onto a 917 driver and he told me it doesn't fit and that the adapters look quite different. How is that possible? I thought they were compatible?

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