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Best RX!!

vurich Club Champion

How amazing is this?! Just got home and found these waiting for me with a wonderful note from the always gracious, smiling and helpful Cathi! Thank you so very much, Cathi! They say that laughter is the best medicine. I say, "Brand New Titleist Golf Balls Are!" You have no idea how much these have given me the lift I need. As a matter of fact, I'm going to check with my accountant to see if Brand New Titleist Golf Balls can be used as a medical deduction!! I've been reading about and researching these beauties since they were announced and never had the opportunity to play them. They will be going out tomorrow! Thanks again, Cathi, and to the amazing team at Titleist, Rick, Mike, Abby, Chris and the rest. #TeamTitleist has been the strongest ever and the website is beyond great! Happy Holidays to all! #TeamTitleist

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  1. Barry B

    What a great surprise gift to have show up on your doorstep...awesome!!
  2. Jack H

    Congratulations! That is super cool! Titleist has such great customer service.
  3. Don O

    The best presents are those you don't expect. I now expect you'll find some more surprises with the balls on course. Due to this being one our 3 seasons with winter in the season name (almost, winter, and still) in WI, I was only able to play about 4 holes with some from my pro shop, but on 2 mid-iron shots, I was a club length long. ...In 42 degree weather.
    Thank you Titleist for a great year of fantastic development of the 917s, Pro-V1s, 718s, 818s, and now the AVX. So good, I'm not even looking ahead to the next series - they are all my new favorites.
    And to all on TT - the best of holidays to a great and supportive group, I keep learning more to improve my game by all the varied views brought to the forum.
  4. Dwayne N

    Yeah that'll turn the winter blues around alright
  5. JoeyC

    awesome! this a great community to be a part of no doubt!
  6. N Anthony S

    Oh I am so jealous! Here's to hitting them straight!!
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  7. Michael JC

    Team Titleist!
    Fairways & Greens, vurich!
  8. nate l

    That's awesome, the TT staff really knows how to treat the TT team!
  9. Sam K

    Nice! Would love to hear your feedback on these!
  10. ADeLucia

    so lucky! curious to hear what you think about them!
  11. Justin V

    Definitely want to hear what you think. What ball do you play now? Would be cool to do a side by side for those of us stuck in the snow and yearning for golf weather...
  12. Nick D

    Great balls, and an even better surprise! I found one of these during a round at my home course, put it into play on the next round. I was really impressed with the consistency of iron distance, especially on minor mis hits. Feels soft but does everything well! Just bought some for my Dad in NJ, looking forward to hearing his thoughts, and yours! Enjoy!

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