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Funny story

So I came home from golf a couple Saturday's ago and was greeted by my 6 year old son who was anxious to see how it went. After discussing the...

Golf Balls

What to use?

I had been using DT TruSoft all summer with decent results for me, but as fall approached and only had two balls left, I...

Golf Balls

A new good friend?

I might have got a new friend. Here in Denmark, my home course is now very wet. The bad thing is no roll on the fairway, and...

Golf Balls

AVX Golf balls

I see many people are getting sent the new Titleist avx golf ball how do I get on the ball testing list.

Golf Balls


Can't wait, Saturday is my clubs last tournament of the year, and I have a new sleeve of ProV1's ready and waiting!...

Golf Balls

AVX Ball

Tried the new AVX optic yellow yesterday. I was surprised by the additional distance. It was chilly here in southern...

Golf Balls

Another convert.

I had my wife watch the video of Raffa Cabrero Bello (excuse the spelling) and she tried the ProV1 and the X's she banged...

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