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Test Ball Survey

I have played with the 'Test' about 5 yards more distance...not much difference in stopping the ball on the...

Golf Balls

Thanks Titleist!

Christmas came early this year, tester balls! Thank you so much - really looking forward to trying them out. :-) ...

Golf Balls

Sleeve of Testers

I love the Test balls. Best ever. Will they be unveiled anytime soon? would love to buy some. Bill

Golf Balls

AVX Ball

just tried the new AVX ball not sure if it was any longer then the pro v but i don't think it was nay shorter but the...

Golf Balls

Test golf balls

I just finished a survey for the golf balls I tested. Will I be notified as to what golf balls I tested.

Golf Balls

Titleist Vs... Everyone!

So for the last 5 rounds of golf, I have had the opportunity to play more than one ball on just about every hole (the...

Golf Balls

Pro V1x - cut?!

Hi, I'm a titleist player through & through, played prov's forever, but on Wednesday at worksop golf club in...

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