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Help deciding a ball!!

I have been playing a lot more lately, and am trying to get competitive. I have been stuck between the 2017 Prov1 and Prov1X for a month or two! I...

Golf Balls

Early ProV1 Question

Hello. After being out of the game for seventeen years, the golf bug is biting again. I used to work for a golf course in...

Golf Balls

2017 ProV1 vs ProVx

Hello, I have been playing the ProV1x for the past several years but with the new 2017 Prov line of golf balls I have been...

Golf Balls

Pro V1xs??

I went to see Nordea Masters in Sweden and off course I visited the Titleist area to try out the different Scotty Cameron...

Golf Balls

DT Trusoft Balls

Does Titleist manufacture their cheaper balls to the same quality standards as the more expensive ProVs?

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