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2018 Titleist staff bags

Lloyd D

Hi every one do any one know the difference in size ect between the 2018 staff bag and the midsize version to me they do look very similar in size both are 9.5 tops. i am thinking of buying one not sure which version.

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  1. Chris92009

    The midsize has a smaller body so it fits nicely onto a golf cart. The larger 9.5 is great but doesn't fit easily onto a golf cart. I just ordered a midsize golf bag to replace my 9.5 because of this reason plus it will travel easier at the same time. IMHO
  2. Corey T

    I was looking at the midsize bag today at PGA Tour Superstore and I couldn't find the "hidden" pocket for a water bottle like my staff bag has....
  3. Jerry M

    I agree with Chris. I have a Titleist mid-size bag and when I ride it fits pretty good on to the cart....and even my pull cart. Plenty of pockets for the incidentals that I use.
  4. Lloyd D

    Was the bag smiler size or is you staff bag bigger
  5. Paul C

    I don't believe there is a hidden pocket for a water bottle. It's probably the one thing missing from the bag that needs to be added on the future.
    Great looking bag though.

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