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Can I get TT logo on new bag?


I am looking into getting the Mid Staff Bag. Am I able to get my name and the TT logo embroidered on it if I order it through Titleist?

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  1. Chuck Z

    Yes.............thru a certified Titleist account.....if you belong to a club, go thru you the way, great my Mid Staff bag......
  2. 19hole

    Yes you can. You can't order directly from Titleist, but your local retailer should be able to get it ordered for you.
  3. MCrawford

    Thanks, yea I just got the mid staff bag for my father in law for Christmas through his club. So when it came in and I saw it, I knew it had to be the next bag I bought!
  4. Jerry M

    You won't regret getting a Mid Staff bag! I love mine, plenty of room for clubs, plenty of pockets, great room for rain suit and extra pair of shoes!
    You're going to be the envy of all of your playing partners!!
  5. augusto r

  6. Lance P

    Great choice and should look nice with the TT logo. Post a pic when it comes in!
  7. Andrew M

    The Midsize Staff Bag is most certainly a great choice, love the idea of having the TT logo embroidered also. I wonder if Titleist would supply you with a nice TT bag tag to go with it, what a nice little gesture that would be.

    Out of interest, what are peoples thoughts in the UK on having your name also emblazoned on the the bag, I know it's a common practice out in the States.

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