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718 or 818 Fitting on Team Titleist

Hannah M., Team Titleist UK Team Titleist Staff

Hi Team Titleist,

We have some very exciting news, for those of you that missed out the first time we now have some more dates available where our Team Titleist members can get fit on us. 

Please see the available dates below:

9th and 24th October @ St Ives National Fitting Centre
10th October and 2nd November @ Craigielaw National Fitting Centre. 

Please post the date you would like to attend along with which Fitting Centre. 
Good Luck!



55 Replies

  1. Stephen w

    Hi Hannah,I would love to be selected for any date at craigielaw
  2. Jonathan L

    Hi Hannah,

    I'd love the chance to be fit at Craigielaw on November 2nd

    Thanks and good luck all!
  3. AMoss

    Hi Hannah, could I get a full line fitting at st Ives on 9th October. I am already booked in on the 10th but struggling with work to make that date now.
  4. A Macleod

    I would like to be be considered for the 24th @ St Ives please.
  5. Simon B

    Hi Hannah, I would love to attend either date at St. Ives.

  6. chris M

    Hi Hannah I would love to be fitted on either date in St Ives
  7. Christopher W

    Evening Hannah, Either date at St Ives would be fab.
    All the best
  8. BSummers

    I'd love the 9th at St Ives.
    It's school half term week on the 24th and the family are heading to York for a few days.
    There's actually a fitting day that I'm missing at my home course on that day.
  9. Swav Gav

    Hi Hannah,

    A time on the 2nd November at Craigielaw would be fantastic. The new range looks fantastic. Thanks very much as always!

  10. BSummers

    Hi Hannah.
    It would be great to be selected to go to St Ives centre on the 9th of October.

    (I may have responded to this twice, not sure if the fist attempt worked)

  11. craig t

    Hi Hanna, I would take one at Carton House anytime you have one going??
  12. PaddyGolf

    Hi Hannah!

    I’d love the opportunity to get fit for the new 718 MB irons they look mind blowingly good! If there’s an Irish fitting day in the schedule please count me in

  13. NFussey

    I’d love to come on 24th October to St Ives, it’s a long way from Manchester but made the trip back in October for my 917D3 and loved it.....been waiting for the chance to hit (and buy) AP2’s or AP3’s
  14. Gareth R

    October 24th at St Ives, thanks.
  15. BMcQ

    Hi Hanna, I could make 24th October at St Ives.
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