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The 718 line up....

Simon B

I guess everyone has now seen the 718 irons lineup, all 6 are absolutely stunning in my opinion. Let's run a quick poll - which one do you think you'll be buying? For me it's going to be either AP2, AP3, or TMB depending on the performance during a fitting session. But I'm leaning towards TMB.

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  1. Bigdougie71

    After looking through all 6 i think it might be 3,4,5 in AP3 then 6,7,8,9,P,W in AP2 but as you said Depending on the performance during my fitting.
  2. RHolmes

    How good do they look simon!! I think I'm leaning towards the ap3, looking for that bit more distance. Do really like the look of the TMB aswell never tried them so will be busy testing them all out!
  3. Simon s

    TMB 2 iron, 4-6 CMB 7-PW MB is the way I'm leaning at the moment. Hows the putter anyway?
  4. Tom C

    As you know Simon I love my TMB 2-5 irons so I will be trying those. Very curious about the AP3's, like everyone, we've been hearing great things about them. Currently have AP2's so will see what the new version are like but I'm also a sucker for the look of the CB's! So I think I will go into a fitting with an open mind and hope that one of the AP2, AP3, TMB's or CB's really stand out for me.
  5. Shoaib

    Loving the look of AP1!
  6. Gaaary

    I currently have 3-PW in T-MB and love them ! It was worth the extra money to import them. There's a bit of a gap between the AP2 and AP3 in loft, so intrigued to see how they perform against the new T-MB, which shaft will it be this year as my swing speed is slowing down ha ha...

  7. chris M

    Iwill be looking at a combo set also pw-7 CB possibly 5+6 ap2 I have a TMB4 which I love at the moment so either an AP3 3iron or TMB
  8. Simon B

    I know I can't hit it well enough to use CB's or MB's. Like Ross I like the idea of extra distance from the AP3's - as I'm getting old! But not if it comes only from stronger lofts.
  9. Simon B

    It worked really well both rounds last week Simon. Pelican Hills I had only 29 putts; Arroyo Tranuco on Sunday I had 30 putts but the greens were poor and nothing dropped.
    Big test tomorrow in the medal at my home course.
  10. James H

    I am liking the look and concept of the AP3's. I think my current AP1's have been listening though as they have been behaving themselves lately....I was convinced they were broken a few weeks ago.
    Nothing to do with my swing of course
  11. mpinchin

    Great discussion topic!!! I think I will be looking at 3-6 CB and then either the AP2 or AP3 7-PW. Intrigued as to the new AP3 and what they bring to the table!!! Happy shopping everyone! Mark
  12. Matt R

    Definitely looking at an ap3 3 & or 4 iron. Can't wait to try 718 AP2 to see how much change from 716 also.
  13. Daniel S

    HI All,
    being a long time lover of my 712 cb (3-6) -mb (7-PW) set I will be trying the AP3 - CB - MB mix up possibly with a 818 H2 thrown in for good measure... and the wallet cringes! haha
  14. Aidan B

    T-MB 3-5 Iron
    AP2 6-PW

  15. Jonathan L

    I've currently got a full set of 716 TMB irons and they're by far the best irons I've ever had so it's going to take a lot to get them out of my bag! So obviously I want to try the 718 TMBs and the AP3s intrigue me.

    Potentially just going to get a new 3 iron either TMB or AP3 but that could all change as soon as I test the 718s out!!
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