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New Wedges

Dino J

Hi fellow TT'ers! After about 2 solid seasons with my Vokey SM5 wedges, I decided to replace them with some new wedges. I typically play about 50-60 rounds per year and then practice at the range at least once per week and usually 2 - 3 times per week. So, needless to say, my wedges did a great job for me but should be freshened up!

I currently have 3 - Vokey SM5 wedges in my bag (50* 08* bounce, F-Grind, 56* 10* bounce, S-Grind and a 60* 8* bounce, S-Grind).

I know that the new SM7 wedges are now available for fitting, but I purchased my new wedges back in September so I replaced them with the SM6 wedges. I had previously gone for a wedge fitting at the Titleist Regional Fitting Centre located at Northview Golf and Country Club in Surrey, BC.

So after trying the new wedges and testing some different grinds, we settled on my new replacement wedges being in the same loft with similar Grinds and bounce. I have not put them into play yet as I am holding off until springtime and the start of our "active" golf season.

Another factor is that there is so much sand and similar material on many of the fairways this time of the year that I really did not want to subject my new wedges to the extra grit, etc. for winter golf. I attach some photos of my new wedges below. I ordered them with some customization -- my previous wedges had my name stamped in them, this time I went with the "snowflake" pattern of stamping my initials. Believe it or not, but there have been times when a playing partner or someone in our group has picked up my wedge by mistake and it is readily identifiable as mine! :-)

Needless to say, I can't wait for the spring time to put these into the bag!

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3 Replies

  1. Darius V

    Very nice Dino ! I picked up new SM6 Wedges last year as well, and I love them.
    Now we wait until the next season to open. 88 days to opening day at my club :)
  2. Todd J

    Enjoy the new Vokey's, great idea with the snowflake initials (I may have a new winter project)
  3. Barry S

    Really like the snowflake stamped initials. You don't see that very often.
    I bought 3 SM6 wedges at the beginning of last season, and really like them. I did notice a difference between the 5's and the 6's., especially in getting the ball to check. Not in the market yet for new ones( but would probably change if I notice a big diff), but very curious to see how they perform at a Titleist Thursday event when I can get the opinion and expertise of a fitter.

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