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Washing Scotty Head Covers

Dr. Kovatchian


Does anybody wash their Scotty Gamer Head Cover in the Washing Machine??? My Futura Cover is beginning to look a little run down and could use a bath...I'm tempted to throw in the wash...If it comes out in worse condition it will give me an opportunity to go shopping down at the Gallery.

Wash or not to Wash??? Dr. K

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  1. Tyler H

    I do not wash them. Most of mine are leather or synthetic leather, so washing them in a washing machine wouldn't be advised.

  2. David A

    DO NOT WASH! Retire it, hang and display it. Celebrate its years of service. There are lots of cool headcovers out there, buy a new one! I have a bunch of Scotty headcovers. I rotate them in and out of the bag. Each has a different story to tell...
  3. Joshua B

    Tide pen my friend...or magic eraser
  4. Mike R

    I have a Kombi Custom Shop head cover. I have used Dawn detergent and a soft nylon brush. Make sure to dampen and not soak with too much water. Then rinse with plain cold water. Dry with paper towels and let air dry. Good luck, Mike
  5. Rob_Roth1

    not wash looks more authentic.

    maybe you need to join club cameron and get a fresh new one!
  6. Chris B

    no - do not put it in the wash.

    warm water, ivory dishwashing soap - clean cloth
    just wet the cloth - gently clean the headcover
    let dry overnight
    repeat wash
    let dry 24 hours
    I like to apply a clear shoe polish shiner - Kiwi...I'll try to take a picture...but it is the clear liquid Kiwi product.

  7. Todd S

    I've washed mine but only in a front load H.E. washer on delicate cycle
    They came out fine. Just don't dry them. Let them air dry!
  8. Drew D

    I’ve done my white leather one before and it worked out just fine. You should check out the 2014 Stars and Stripes headcover though.
  9. Trevor W

    Wash away my friend - I would suggest only doing so after a bad round of putting just in case you change your luck....
  10. larry m

    I would try just hand washing first. That will clean it up a little. A little soap and brush
  11. JKissoon

    I wouldn't attempt that. I use soapy water and a cloth.
  12. Hotsauce

    I have cleaned up white covers with a damp cloth, but I've never tossed them in the washing machine. I would be afraid the machine might damage the velcro and fur.
  13. Chris92009

    I have never done this and would not, however hand washing might be just fine with a mild detergent.
  14. Bruce S

    I wouldn't throw the cover in the wash. Why don't you just buy another one at the Gallery?
  15. J.R. F

    I've never washed any of mine. I usually use a little window cleaner and a paper towel to clean them up. It's "pleather", not the real thing, on those covers.
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