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Scotty Cameron Futura X5

Eric B

Hello TT!

Picked up my first Scotty Cameron (Futura x5) and am looking for a classic Scotty designed head cover. I love some of the old archived designs and definitely want to stay away from counterfeits. Does anyone know of legit sites where you can purchase these covers?

Thanks, all!

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  1. Barry B

    I think the only way to be certain it's authentic is to purchase from the Scotty web site.
  2. Don O

    I've bought a custom cover in the SC store, but it is not at the level of a "creation". There are some, mostly stock, covers listed on the shop website. For the really special items, add the Gallery to your Twitter account - and act fast. Since many of these sell out in moments and are online the next day, the secondary market is horrific.
  3. Eric B

    Thank you for the feedback. I’ve checked a few expos I’ve attended but haven’t had luck. I will give the SC gallery a try on Twitter.

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