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Scotty Sell Outs?


Can anyone shed some light on this? I got an email today about new items in the Scotty Shop. Low and behold, when I click over, they are sold out of most things already.....really? I saw on another board I follow that Scotty has "regular" release dates, and you should be ready for those...any truth to that. It's incredibly frustrating getting an email, Immediately clicking over, and most things are already sold out. I know Scotty items are EXTREMELY collectible and that there is a healthy secondary market, but I didn't even get a chance to buy. Is this typical? I bought other things with no problem. Any insight would be appreciated!

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  1. Sam K

    That seems to be a common issue with all of their limited releases. I wanted a few items some time back, and quickly realized I would have to source them on Ebay. I am not playing that game. The only Scotty item I care to have is the putter. If they cared to satisfy demand, they would produce higher volumes and pull the rug out from under individuals who rip people off.
  2. Tyler H

    Follow Scotty Cameron on Twitter - there is usually a tweet before the email goes up. If you wait for the email, it is too late. The Staff Bag and Cover set are even more limited than the other items. Usually, around only 100 released.
  3. Rooster

    Seems to me most of these Scotty treasures end up on re-sell sites. This is a bunch of baloney. Should only be able to buy one. Also can a serial number be incorporated. This way the abusers will stand out.
  4. Todd T

    Roll of the dice.. Check out, you'll learn typical release dates and times.. Once you get the date, work the F5 or auto update.
  5. J.R. F

    I have been frustrated by this as well. I want to use these things, not leave them in a box and resell them for money.
  6. ScottyC50

    Good to know.....thanks!
  7. Guy O

    I just renewed for my second year membership. I’ve been lucky enough to get a couple things including a Masters release head over. I signed in yesterday promptly and could have had my pick but was not impressed with the Mardi Gras releases. The flippers are definitely keeping us casual collectors from getting things.
  8. larry m

    I agree
  9. Chuck Z

    The reason I stopped joining. With respect to Scotty. Something he cannot control.
  10. RKelly

    I too gave up my membership this year because although I wanted these items, I didn't want them that much. Also, I haven't liked the club cameron gear.

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