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John B

I carry a 50 F, 54 S and a 58 S Vokeys. It was the perfect set up for me in the SM5s.

But for some reason I have struggled with the 58 since they changed the bounce in the SM5 from 7 degrees to 10 degrees in the SM 6 & SM 7 S grinds.

Why the change? - I thought it was best if you had a couple of different bounces in your wedge setup. But now if your an S grind guy, then you're stuck with the same bounce in both wedges. My wedge fitting says I'm an S guy, but I also like a low bounce wedge for tight fairways.


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    John, couple options for you.

    1) try a 58.08 M grind
    2) try a 58.06 Low bounce K grind

  2. 19hole

    You should try the M grind.
  3. Darryl M

    I had a similar issue but it was with my SM4 to a SM5 S Grind 54 & 58, I looked at my SM4 and it looked more like a M grind so I went to the M grind in the SM6 56. I have always liked the S grind but I seem to be playing better with the M
  4. John B

    Thanks everyone! I was thinking the same as all of you that the 58 M, 8 degrees of bounce should do the trick to replace the SM5 58 7 degrees of bounce.

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