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What's your travel bag setup? (Bag/case/combo)


I am on vacation and brought my clubs to Hawaii with me. Got me thinking about what other people use as a setup. I use an SKB travel deluxe hard case. For my bag I use a Japanese titleist cbs56 bag. Its compact and holds the basic essentials. Also has the 5-way top that I always prefer. I know some people do the soft case, but the airline I take doesn't offer any insurance on club damage unless it was in a hard case. What's your travel bag setup?

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  1. Todd T

    Most here will respond with Club Glove with Stiff-Arm! Very reliable and packable once at destination.
  2. Corey T

    I use a Club Glove with stiff arm...I also take a towel and wrap it around my irons to add a little more protection.
  3. Chuck Z

    A pictures is worth a thousand words, so they say. SKB hard case. Titleist lightweight.
    Post Image
  4. Don O

    As well, use the Club Glove with the optional Stiff-Arm. Some will remove metal wood heads and carry those in a carry-on. I've always, knocking on lots of wood, ever had a golf bag delayed or damaged, using Delta. The pro trying to qualify for the US Open and Open needs to consider commercial carriers specializing in golf bags. The same airline misplaced his to both qualifying sites.
  5. Todd T

    And if you have an expensive Scotty C. putter, simply turn it upside down in the golf bag.. Never had any issues, trust me, folding up a Club Glove in your room and stowing it is so much easier and convenient =!
  6. 19hole

    I'm with Todd on this one; a Strong Arm in a Club Clove Tour travel bag.
  7. ScottyC50

    Where (or how) did you get that TT carry bag? I'd absolutely love that!
  8. msalejandro1201

    I'm with chuck on this one. As promised, here are pictures of my setup. Picture of my ultra compact carry bag, picture from the top showing the club layout, picture without the woods and putter so you can see the slots, and finally a picture of my bag in my SKB.

    For those of you that just club glove, do your airlines cover any damage with it being a soft case?
    I know mine explicitly says it doesn't. Additionally, with the SKB, it's got an unlimited lifetime warranty that will cover up to $1500 in club replacement. The hard case also has room for shoes and some other golf accessories.

    Eventually I wanted to get a titleist lightweight singlestrap stand bag. Just nothing wrong with my current bag right now, so I want to spend more money playing instead of buying gear. Lol. I'll look for a bag in the off season if I need to.

    (For whatever reason I keep getting an error when I try to upload even one picture. I'll try again)
  9. msalejandro1201

    Compact stand bag
    Post Image
  10. Chuck Z


    Where (or how) did you get that TT carry bag? I'd absolutely love that!

    You can order a lightweight bag thru you local authorized Titleist dealer and have the TT logo and your name put on your bag for an additional fee. Mine was done aftermarket by a local shop I have done business with for years. I bought the bag thru our proshop and then decided a few months later I wanted my name on it.
  11. Todd T

    Most, if not all airline will not accept responsibility for damage with a soft-sided case.. That's what travel and credit card insurance is for.. Ive never had any issues with mine because I pack it well..
  12. msalejandro1201

    That's true. But why file a claim on your insurance when the airline will be filing the claim on their insurance? Why not save your insurance for things like if your clubs fell off your cart and got damaged. Btw, you'll want to check your credit card if it really includes sports gear and to what extent. Not even your own credit card insurance actually cover a full set of golf clubs. With the skb, it's their guarantee, not mine. In addition to that, the airline would be covering on top of it.

    To each their own. No big deal.
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  13. Rob_Roth1

    Club Glove as well! Been using it a long time and it has never let me down!
  14. msalejandro1201

    Those of you who use the soft bag, do you take off your clubheads and bring them in your carryon?
  15. Justinu3

    Club Glove with the Stiff Arm
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