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Putter fitting for Eye Dominance

Bill W

I am right handed but left eye dominant with an arc stroke.

What fitting issues do these conditions cause?

What SC putters are best suited for this vision and stroke and why?


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  1. Nickhaag

    I think it's actually a benefit to have your lead eye be dominant. The first thing I'd check or have someone check is your ability to aim squarely from 10 feet. I'm right handed and right eye dominant and was and still am visually screwed. I aim everything left and I've had to really train myself to what is actually square. I was aiming 10-12 inches left from 10 feet and then leaving the putter face open through impact to counteract it subconsciously. As far as putters go, I'd ask you if you were wanting to promote your arc or lean more towards a straighter back, straighter through stroke. The new Newport 3 is really going to favor your arc whereas a Newport 2 or really anything that gets the shaft more towards the center of the putter is going to favor a straighter stroke. It's really up to you to decide what kind of stroke you want for your game.
  2. Fred C

    I'm a right eye dominant, right handed golfer and many profess right eye dominate players should play the ball further back. This may be true for those that line up putts with the leading edge of the putter and use a narrow blade putter. I prefer to use a mallet type putter and line up the depth of the putter and look down the line. What I've also found is opening my stance and placing the ball more forward more helps me to see the line better.
  3. LBazzard

    I'm left eye dominant, I like the Del Mar, I'm not keen on any offset and have to work at aiming with my left eye over the ball.
  4. Gabriel G

    I also am left eye dominant and right handed. I think that is an advantage. I do not think SC putters are the only choice for you. Get fitted, I really believe that. Worked for me.

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