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Pebble Beach/ Spy Glass


Just planned my early summer trip (Mid May) to Pebble and Spy Glass. Any Good advice? Also looking for some really good yardage books. I know they sell some at the pro shop but looking for maybe a little more details.

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Jonathan K

    I've played both courses three times; on two occasions in August and one in July. Take warm clothing. The weather can be unpredictable. When the fog rolls in, it can get very chilly. Don't get too caught up in trying to play your best round just enjoy the scenery and the experience. The greens are tiny at Pebble Beach but holes 5-10 are the best stretch of holes probably in the world and #8 is the best par 4 I've ever played. Spyglass is a tougher course in my opinion. Play the correct tees for your skill level and definitely walk both courses. Enjoy!
  2. Bruce S

    What suggestions are you looking for? You could always use a caddy to help you with yardage and more details. My wife and I are always down on the Monterey Peninsula a lot so I'd be glad to make suggestions for dining, other things, other golf courses.
  3. gary h

    I played some golf video games that has Pebble Beach as one of the courses to prepare ;)
  4. B.A.

    I play both a good amount. I'd recommend using the app I use, Golfshot, if you['re open to using an app.

    For Pebble, I highly recommend getting a caddie and walking the course. Both courses are cart path only, always and the Peble fairways are pretty wide. You'll hate carting it and you'll miss the beauty. Caddie cost is $80 + $60-80 tip.

    You are ok with a cart at Spy because it's narrow. I usually cart it.

    For Pebble, not sure what type of caddie you want if you do but there are some good and some not so good ones. I've had both and would rather walk and carry my own bag than have an unpleasant caddie.

    Not sure about posting peoples names on here or not, so maybe message me if you want info.

    Either way, think about what you want from those rounds and enjoy them. They are amazing courses and fun to play. Also, for Pebble, I'd recommend an early as possible round if you don't want to have a long round. I've finished in under 4 hours early and finished in 6 hours when teeing off at 11.
  5. JCope

    I am def going to go with the caddie and walk both courses. I prefer walking most courses anyways. In my opinion it helps speed the round up. Plus I find it helps me focus more on the round and the course. I do have a golf watch that tracks yardage and such, i just have always been one for the hard notes of a good yardage book. Plus, I tend to put them up in the office after I play the course. I usually only reserve the good yardage books for the better courses.

    Bruce S. I would love some suggestions on food and maybe some hotels. This a guys trip so the lodging at Pebble is ok if you like $600 a night for just a bed. haha I am always looking for alternative sleeping to save a buck or two.
  6. Bruce S

    Casey Boyns would be a great Caddie if you can get him as he's looped at Pebble for a long time and he's also a member of the California Golf Hall Of Fame. How do we become friends on TT so that I can send you a message about food and hotel suggestions?
  7. JCope

    Bruce S, just sent the friend request. I can only hope to get Casey if thats the fact.
  8. Bruce S


    Bruce S, just sent the friend request. I can only hope to get Casey if thats the fact.

    I didn't receive the friend request
  9. Bruce S

    You could also try to get Robert (Rocket) Lytle for your Caddie.
  10. JCope

    Let me try sending it again!
  11. Bruce S

    JCope, I tried to start a thread asking about how to make a friend request but it was apparently never approved. Everything that I tried didn't work.
  12. JCope

    Bruce S, I still haven't figured this friend request thing out yet. Its sort of weird. I click "send friend request" but it takes me to the Team Titleist home page every time.
  13. JCope

    Bruce S, I will take you up on some of those restaurant recommendations though. I guess you could just add them on here. Other folks might want them as well. LOL
  14. Bruce S

    If you don't want to stay on property, you can try the following which aren't nearly as expensive. The Hyatt Regency in Monterey which isn't too far from Pebble Beach and the Del Monte golf course is on property. Depending on the time of year you can usually get a room under $200. There's also Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley about 20 - 25 minutes from Pebble. Depending on the month you can get room for under $220. Semi-private Quail Lodge golf course is on property and they also have an 18 hole putting green between the buildings. If you want to stay in a motel there are a lot of motels on Munras ave. in Monterey and not too far from Pebble and Fisherman's wharf and Cannery Row. I will leave you some restaurant recommendations later. Would you like a range of prices from in-expensive to expensive restaurants? If you're going to buy Pebble Beach swag, Pebble has an outlet store on Cannery Row with greatly reduced prices.
  15. Bruce S

    Someone that I know with FJ forwarded an email for me to Titleist regarding how to request a friend. They sent me an email and I responded my they never responded to my question

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