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Midwest summer planning

Curtis M

Haven't been very active lately, but that's going to change! Just want to throw a feeler out to see who's all in for another Midwest get together like we had a few years back at TPC Deere Run. I've lost all my friend info and pretty much everything probably due to inactivity on here but please, shoot me a request and hopefully we can get something planned for this year. Hope you're all well and having a good start to 17!!

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  1. Dwayne N

    May be interested here
  2. Barry B

    Definitely interested, depending on the date(s). I look forward to more information in the future.
  3. greg p

    Definitely interested.
  4. Barry B

    Any additional information that you can share at this time?
  5. JReeter

    I'm up for a trip to Deere Run, that's a great course.
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  6. Barry B

    So late June and no additional word yet...should we assume this event isn't happening?

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