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Flying With Your Clubs - Tips & Thoughts?


I have gone on many road trips with my Titleist clubs to play near and far and now I am setting up to travel south via air for the first time. I've packed my bag in a Titleist Club Glove Pro and probably have done so in a very overprotective manner. Guess, I don't trust My Titleist with strangers. I've removed club heads off the shafts; thanks to the surefit hosel - go Titleist!, rain hood on top of the bag, and stuffed the top with bubble wrap and golf shoes. I know it's crazy but I cannot be the only one. Many of you have traveled with your Titleist & thoughts?

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  1. Chris92009

    I am glad to read others feel the same way I do! The only thing I would add is that I use the "Stiff Arm" with my club glove bag when traveling!
  2. Jeffery M

    I've done the same basically, used a lot of bubblewrap also especially on top by the heads. Had my bag inspected a few times unknowingly but they were kind enough to pack them back correctly. Must of been golfers themselves. Never any problems. Your always nervous because I treat them like my kids. Good luck on your travels!!
  3. Keith M

    You've got it covered, no pun intended, in my opinion. I need to upgrade my travel bag to the Club Glove. I do the same though, take the heads off, put them in my carry on. About the only thing I do differently than you is instead of using bubble wrap, I use the golf towels attached to my bag to fill in around the rest of the clubs.
  4. Dino J

    The airlines that I travel all require hard case for golf clubs - no soft sided covers. Having the hard case prevents bent/broken or damaged clubs.
  5. Steve S

    Club Glove is an excellent bag. Stiff Arm is also a must. I would also include covers for your irons. Expect every compartment to be inspected. Never had problems flying with clubs. Good Luck.
  6. greg p

    I take my old set with me when I fly...packed in the same manner. I have not had any issues despite traveling all over the world. However, I have heard all the horror stories. I also know enough about baggage handling, especially in remote airports, to know that I do not want to take chances with my gamers. Too much invested.
    I will only take only 7 or 8 clubs. This reduces weight that can otherwise be used to pack clothing. This further aids protection.
    Call me cautious.
  7. Chuck Z

    I have a hard case that I pack my clubs in and use a lightweight Titleist bag. Have traveled all over the world with this hard case and never worry. It also meets the dimensions and weight standards of the airlines. If I use a caddy, they prefer a lightweight bag.
    Post Image
  8. Hughie G

    i never thought of having another bag to travel with, but you've made me rethink traveling with my clubs. New lightweight bag this spring for sure! I have been traveling with a cart bag, and did not have any problems until i was flying back from Palm Springs and got grief about the weight

    I do have a stiff arm that i use and then wrap socks around my irons, but you guys have made me think differently about it
  9. CoolBreeze

    Great stuff guys! Thanks! Arrived at my destination and waiting for your golf bag to show up on the baggage claim carousel felt like an eternity. Nonetheless, the bag and clubs are safe. I appreciate the idea with the hardcase but seems difficult to store when not in use but there could be worse problems to deal with. Safe travels to all and play well!
  10. Dino J

    Hey Chuck! The Rolls Royce of travel cases! Looking great with all of the Titleist decals my friend! I did a double take at first ... I thought that the one triangular shaped decal was for Harley Davidson ... but upon closer check it was that you'd prefer driving a Titleist! ;-).
  11. Speedy

    I'm with ya CB, i'm over protective with my clubs and someone mentioned the rain hood thing and worked great!

    Enjoy your trip!
  12. E92335

    I just recently purchased a Titleist Ultra Lightweight back that was on fire sale at GolfSmith to use for travel since my 14 Way Stand Bag is too heavy and bulky and a tight fit for my ClubGlove.

    For those that remove the heads and packing them in their carry ons, any issue with TSA? I've seen on Cameron Collector where some members had issues getting through TSA check in.

    With golf balls, I keep those in my carry-on or just reload at the place where I'm going. A friend of mine had his ProV1xs stolen from his bag during inspection. Sad.
  13. CoolBreeze

    Knock on wood that anything will ever be stolen from anyone's Titleist bag during travel. I do remove the heads but I pack them inside the headcover of the club and put them inside the golf bag. I use the Titleist Staff Stand bag in conjunction with the Titleist Club Glove Large Pro travel bag and this works perfectly fine as it is within the size 51 inches or less and less than the 51 lbs. weight limit. 14 clubs, 6 Pro V1x, a range finder, FJ Rain Gear, a speedstick, and a pair of Freestyles in a pear tree rain hood weighed 42 lbs.
  14. Tom B

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who is overprotective. I've got a soft bag, but with lots of padding at the top around the heads. Also got a "stiff arm" to add protection. But, any new balls go in the carry-on. I also visit the lost and found the week before and grab the crappiest head covers I can find and put them on all the woods, and the Scotty, which goes upside down in the bag with the grip covered by the long neck of a headcover. Sorry, I'm sure most are great, but too many friends have had new ProV's, or new clubs go missing out of their bags from less than honest baggage handlers "shopping" to fill their own bags with the best of Titleist.
  15. E92335

    Yeah for the putter, I started leaving the Scottys at home and bringing my Odyssey Dual Force Rossie instead. But I'd prefer to putt with something similar to what I play. I should take my most beat up Scotty that I found for cheap and bring that but even then, I'd still be upset if that was stolen.
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