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Pre-round Warm ups

Devon M

I know everyone has a way they like to warm up before playing a round. Me personally, I like to hit a variety of shots, from full shots, to wedges, to bunker shots, and a few putts.

My question is how do you guys warm up? Do you like to set a certain amount of time to practice certain shots? If so what types? Or how many balls do you like to hit with each, etc. I am open to hearing how you warm up, and maybe adding ideas to my own routine!

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  1. Dwayne N

    I start out hitting a few various shots on range then move to putting green right before tee time
  2. etakmit

    I get out of my car, put my shoes on (untied), drop my clubs at the drop or on the cart (depending on the course), sprint into the pro shop, pay, sprint to the cart / my bag, race to the first tee, swing my driver twice, top the tee shot about 15 yards down the fairway. THEN I'm ready to go
  3. Barry B

    For me it's putting first followed by hitting about 20 or so shots.... several short pitches and then what I need for the first hole (multiple tee shots and approaches) and back to putting for a few more minutes. After playing my first hole I'm usually pretty loose and ready to go.
  4. Kevin B

    I always do a round of stretching putt 20 and then grab a small bucket then return to putt some more. I've done it a number of ways including go straight to the tee box!

    I think a just getting the muscles warmed up is a real good idea. When done I hit the ice pack on my back and stretch some more...believe it or not stretching after is real important if you have back issues as I do.

  5. Joe D

    I usually start out hitting half wedges and work my way up to full wedge shots to start my warm up,getting older and need to warm up more,so I probably hit 10 or so half wedge shots and concentrate on a full follow through,and work my way up to full wedge shots with about 20 balls.
    Then I jump through the bag on short irons and long irons about 3 balls each.
    Generally hit about 5 balls with Driver and hybrids
    Then to the pitching area to get the feel on how the balls rolling,and I will finish up with the some putting.
    To get the feel and speed of the greens.
    Great topic by the way Devon.
  6. Chris w

    I like to hit about 10-15 wedges to get loose and then 5-6 shots with the 7 iron and about 5-6 shots with the driver. After this I hit the practice green for about 5 minutes and then head to the 1st tee. Just enough to get loose and break a sweat.
  7. Kevin H

    I like to putt a little bit, then I go to the range just to get loose. I finish with a couple of whatever club I'm hitting on the first tee (usually driver) until I hit it perfect. Then hit a few more putts and go!
  8. pulplvr

    My preferred warm up is five balls each: half-swing with wedge; full swing with wedge; full swing with8, 7, or 6 iron; full swing with hybrid or 3 wood; chips with wedge. If time permits, I'll then go to the putting green for a few one-three foot putts at a ball marker followed by a few putts of about 7 paces to learn the speed of the greens. Then I'm ready to go without having worn myself out.
  9. Doug E

    Putt first, for speed. Then 6 or 8, 10-15 yard chips with a 54* wedge. Then a few 1/2 swing wedge shots. Then a few more full wedges. Four or five 8 or 9 irons at target green pin on range. Finally, 4 or 5 drives. Then to the tee while the feeling of my drives is still fresh. I always leave for first tee after driver shots on the range. Ideally good driver shots. Never finish on practice green. Much easier to stay warmed up if driver on range is hit last, and right before tee off.
  10. Gabriel G

    I like to start with a short iron, working on tempo. Then move up quickly to longer clubs, hit a few shots with my driver putting my mind on the first tee. I don't use every club, skip up and then back down to SW. Then the putting green to find the speed of the green. Trying to be relaxed the whole time.
  11. Joseph M

    For me I have a set routine that I do before every round. Once I get everything situated on the cart or on the range etc. I stretch for about 10-15 min. then I go to the short game area and do 25-30 chip and pitch shots then move to the bunkers and hit about 6 out of the bunker (15 min). Then I go to the range and grab my lob wedge (58*) hit 6 to about 55-60 yds. Then its 10 full shots with my (54*). 6 full swings with my 9 iron, 8 full with the 7 iron. 6 with the 5 iron, 5 with my 3 iron. 5 with my 3W and 5 with the driver. 55 balls total. this takes about 35-40 minutes. Once that is done its off to the putting green for 15 minutes and then to the first tee. Total pre-round routine 55 minutes.

    I know its a lot and sounds crazy but working everything before a round and especially before a tournament round builds confidence.
  12. Speedy

    stretch, hit a small buck (if available) starting with wedges and working up to driver, spend the remaining time chipping and putting and then head to first tee open my wallet, talk a little smack with the boys and off we go..
  13. No'l

    Differentiating practice from warming up helped me prepare better in a round I'm about to play. I'd usually take a small bucket and never usually finish them. If the course I'm playing that day is longer than usual, I may hit more longer irons than full wedges. But, generally, just 4 or 5 balls on the clubs I think I'll be using... then I'll go back to putts and chips.
  14. Dr O

    It depends on the course (and the weather). If it's 95+ like it has been this summer I keep it simple; couple 1/2-3/4 wedges, couple short irons, couple mid/long irons and some drivers trying not to wear myself out before round starts. I also hit the putting green first, then range, then first tee. I think having the feeling going to the tee box helps. If it's a course I don't play often (or new to me) I might spend a little more time on the short game area getting a feel for the speed of greens etc.
  15. Darron K

    I generally get to the course about an hour early. First I hit the putting green and putt for about 20 minutes and practice straight putts at different distances for speed control. Then I hit the range for about 30 minutes. I have a natural draw swing. When I'm warming up I am looking for swing speed control and tendency...I'll start with my 7 iron. I'll hit a some half swing shots, then some three quarter shots and finally some full shots. Next I move to my driver and hit some shots. Finally I'll hit a variety of shots with my 58°. That last 10 minutes or so gives me time to clean up, mentally prepare for my round and get to the first tee!
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