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Golf and Migraines

Gary C

I wanna ask how many of you struggle with migraines and play golf also. The last 18 months have been terrible for me and one of the main reasons I lost touch with this group. The last best score I shot was a 70. I have had nothing but issues since,I had 3 surgeries last year, 2 were to put in an Occipital Nerve Simulator to block the migraines. It has helped some but I still struggle with repetitive shot making,which has been difficult to overcome. Then in September last year I found out I have an Autoimmune disease Sarcoidosis,that affects my breathing and lungs. So over the past 18 years I have lost 10 strokes off of my game. I really just wanted to ask if anyone else has the migraine issue.

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  1. Chuck Z

    I have had cluster migraine headaches since the late 60's, but am on a maintenance program that has them semi under control. I stopped smoking, eliminated red meats, minimal chocolate intake, limit alcohol intake, and lost over 50 lbs. If I feel one coming on I can take a prescribed strong pill and it helps some or an injection (cannot take more that four a month due to their strength) which will totally eliminate the headache. Cluster headaches are more painful and are more prevalent in men where migraines seem to appear more in women. I have been under close doctors care for many years and with this maintenance (prescribed two medications twice daily) program they have been able to control them, although they have not gone away completely, just less painful. When playing golf, I always wear prescription sunglasses. A lot of preventative maintenance has made my life more tolerable. Being retired, the stress is gone and I can play golf three to four days a week and work part time for a major golf company.
  2. Tom B

    Gary, sorry to hear your struggles, I also struggle with migraine's. Not as severe as yours and can control mine. Mine are as a result from stress and certain foods!!

    My Mom suffered with migraines every other day for 25 years, finally got tested and found out she was allergic to dairy products and chocolate, and I grew up on a dairy farm. Her last 10 years were pretty much headache free, but she passed from pancreatic cancer from what the doctors think from all the Tylenol, Bayer and Excedrin pills she took to battle the headaches!!

    I hope you find relief, I did because of my Mom's struggles!! Take care...
  3. Gary C

    I really don't have a maintenance med,they tried me on Topamax and it caused seizures and I was a mess for several months. I also suffered a concussion a year ago to make things worse. I am glad you have a program that helps you make it everyday and that you can play golf as much as you do. I hope to be back there one day.

  4. Gary C

    I'm so sorry you lost your mom,I know that was difficult. Trying to find out what causes migraines is very difficult. I have certain triggers also and also 4 discs that have small bulges that trigger migraines too. I wish you the best and hope you can be pain free.


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