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Dipping through impact?

I am having trouble maintaining posture through my downswing and impact. I hit the ball solid, but it looks really weird. As I start my downswing, my...

Golf Tips

One little tip...

Now here’s a little story I like to tell about one little tip that worked so well (had to throw in a little Beastie Boys on...

Golf Tips


Hi there, for the last 20 years I have had a major problem with freezing over the ball at address. This is with every club,...

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Operation Rehab

Hi TT, just received word I have a hernia and will be undergoing the knife on the 26th of this month. Having never had any...

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Hello TT! I am getting uneasy with the little amount of golf I have been playing because there is 6 inches of snow on the...

Golf Tips

Cold weather

Any tips on playing in the cold. Such as club selection , one or two clubs more in the cold. Thanks

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