Titleist Introduces New Tour Soft Golf Balls

New core and cover technologies deliver faster ball speed for more distance, increased short game control and exceptionally soft feel 

Faster core technology and a reformulated cover system drives improved all-around performance in the new Titleist Tour Soft golf ball, providing golfers with longer distance off the tee and increased spin into the green – with an exceptionally soft feel off the club face:

  • New faster, large core delivers faster ball speed for more distance off the tee, incredible soft feel and low spin on long game shots.
  • Reformulated thin Fusablend cover provides dependable greenside spin for excellent short game control.
  • 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design offers an efficient aerodynamic package and optimized ball flight for long distance.

“Golfers who tee up Tour Soft are looking for soft feel and performance throughout the bag,” said Jeremy Stone, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball Marketing. “Every change we made to new Tour Soft gives players a better golf ball from tee to green.”

Tour Soft features a new, large core that increases ball speed and distance off the tee while providing an incredible soft feel on every shot. The 1.608” diameter of Tour Soft’s core makes it the largest ionomer-covered core in the market. Engineered over Tour Soft’s core is its thin FusaBlend cover which has been reformulated to increase spin and control into and around the greens. Fusablend is a Titleist proprietary combination of ionomers and softening polymers used to create a cover material with spin performance and feel that is unmatched among other ionomer covers.

“The core is the engine of the golf ball, and that’s where a ball gets its speed,” said Mike Madson, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball R&D. “What makes new Tour Soft unique is the size of its core, which gives the ball even more of its fastest material and allows for exceptional speed in the long game. Then when you get into your scoring clubs, Tour Soft’s FusaBlend cover over that large core gives golfers the spin needed to hit it closer to the hole.”

The unique size of Tour Soft’s core has only become achievable through continued innovations to the manufacturing processes at Titleist Ball Plant 2, located in North Dartmouth, Mass.

“Manufacturing a 1.608 core is not an easy task, but the advantages it delivers to golfers in on-course performance is tremendous,” Madson said. “We’re only able to produce a core that large because of our manufacturing expertise. We have total control over all our processes, which allows us to make the advancements needed to create a core at that size that performs the same from ball to ball and dozen to dozen.”

Across the entire Titleist golf ball family, each golf ball model has its own unique dimple pattern to optimize aerodynamics and flight for its respective construction. Tour Soft golf balls feature a 346 quad dipyramid dimple pattern, resulting in extremely efficient aerodynamics for optimized flight and distance.


New Tour Soft golf balls will be offered in white, high optic yellow and green and will be available in golf shops worldwide on January 24, 2024. Tour Soft will be available in pink in July 2024 for $50.00 / dozen.