Three Aces in Eight Rounds. The Canadian Who Took Florida by Storm.

It's common candor among golfers everywhere...Have you ever earned a hole-in-one?  How many?

Prior to February 16th, Terry Wells of Oakville, ON Canada would have answered, '1'.  Today she can answer that question with a resounding, '4' after earning 3 hole-in-one's in 8 rounds.  An amazing accomplishment. 

 As a member of the prestigious, Mississaugua Golf Club, Terry is no stranger to taking on a challenge each time she tees up her Pro V1 golf ball.  The odds of an average golfer earning a hole-in-one are just 12,500 to 1.  Can you imagine what the odds are of 3 in 8 rounds over the course of 10 days?

When asked to describe how it felt to drain the 3rd hole-in-one, Terry simply said "Surreal. I still can't believe that it even happened."

What's next for Terry?  She's already got her sights set on a 5th hole-in-one.  "Why not go for a 5th?" she remarked after being asked what her mindset would be the next time she stepped onto the tee box of a par 3.

Details of what's in Terry's bag along with the hole-on-one details are below...

What's In the Bag:
917 D2 Driver
Titleist AP1 Irons
Vokey Wedges
Scotty Cameron Futura X7 Putter (She hasn't needed to use it too often of recent!)

Hole in One #1
February 16
Bonita Bay Club
Bay Island Course
Hole 12
100 Yards
8 Iron

Hole in One #2
February 21
Bonita Bay Club
Sabal Course
Hole 3
104 Yards
8 Iron

Hole in One #3
February 25
Bonita Bay Club
Marsh Course
Hole 8
97 Yards (Gusty)
7 Iron