Hit Your Mark with Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putters and Next Level Alignment

Putting, perhaps more than any other aspect of the game of golf, is a blend of art and science. The best putters are technically skilled but also imaginative. They have an innate sense for reading greens and can clearly visualize the line that their golf ball needs to track upon.

To complement this intuitive side of putting, it's crucial that the tool you use to roll the ball allows you to connect properly to your chosen line and faithfully start the ball on that correct heading. The putter must help you to align properly.

New Scotty Cameron Phantom X mallets provide a variety of alignment options ranging from triple milled sight dots to continuous, brightly colored lines, new flange setups and wider toplines. These precise visual guides have been carefully integrated into each Phantom X model to turn your feel and perception into confident aim.

Enjoy the video and scroll through the gallery below to see how each model's alignment options can help you hit your mark as you step into each putt.

Phantom X 5
Phantom X 52/6
Phantom X 6
Phantom X 63/6
Phantom X 7
Phantom X 74/6
Phantom X 8
Phantom X 85/6
Phantom X 12
Phantom X 126/6

CLICK HERE for an overview of each Scotty Cameron 2019 Phantom X putter model.

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