You'll never know fear till you drive over someone and they let you pass and stare.

So I'm playing as a single and the guys in front of me aren't letting me pass. Now I'm not an amazing golfer but I'm straight and long with my driver and I have good wedge control. I'm standing on the 7th hole and after following these guys for 7 holes im upset that they won't let me pass so I tee up my ball and see they are only 180 after slope out there on a 436 yard par 4 so I wack a drive down there about 310-320 over top of these guys and they play through the hole being loud and belligerent so I meet up with them on the par 3 8th and they were all saying if I'm going to be doing that I could be the big man and tee off first and a couple rude remarks. So me being who I am I just ran up there with a pro v1x and my 54* forgot my tee and stood on the box and the one guy said it was 109 to the flag and I seen on my watch it was 120 to the middle and that the flag was on an up hill slppe so I just threw the ball on the ground and swung my club at an easy tempo and I caught the ball clean and it looked to be really short but it landed a little left and long of the flag but spun back and found the the hole! I was so pumped and the guys let me play on through and just started laughing it was a truly one of a kind experience ! I really hope to get another one now that's actually planned.