Deja Vu

On September 24, 2015 a friend and I entered our provincial senior men's better ball championship that was played at the Brampton G&CC. The 3rd hole was playing 145 yards with a light swirling wind and I was stuck between an 8 and 9 iron. My partner suggested to grip down on the 8 and hit it full which I did. It's hard to explain the feeling but the moment it left the club I knew it was different. The ball hit 6 feet from the pin and tear dropped into the hole. It was my first ace. This year we returned to the same course on September 16th for a practice round. Behind that same 3rd hole is the tee box for the 7th hole which is a par 3. While waiting for the green to clear we watched the approach shots from the group on the 3rd hole. We witnessed a hole in one to which the player was so excited he ran from the tee box all the way to the green, yelling in jubilation. I walked to the green to congratulate him and watched him pull the ball out of the hole and he said" Yea, that's my Titleist".