JT Puts 2019 Pro V1 to the Test: Going Big

Short Game √
Full Wedges and Short Irons √
Mid-Irons √

Now that he's evaluated how the new 2019 Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls perform with the scoring shots - iron approaches, full wedges and finesse shots around the green - it's time for Justin Thomas to go big and launch the new models off the tee.

The driver session begins using a TrackMan monitor to get some baseline data on the launch, spin and ball speed numbers that each new model can provide. Justin and team are interested in finding which model will optimize his carry and roll-out when he catches a drive "right on the screws" with his new TS3 driver. But just as importantly, they're looking for the ball that flies through his precise window and matches the shape that he envisions when he plays a power cut, the shot Justin relies on when he's under the gun and needs to find the fairway.

As he checks the boxes with each swing, Justin knows he's getting very close to identifying the model that will perform best for him off the tee, and in every phase of the game.