Inside the Brand New Titleist Tour Truck

Titleist's PGA Tour reps have moved into their new 42-foot-long home away from home.

The next generation Titleist Tour Trailer – which debuted in June at the Charles Schwab Challenge during the PGA TOUR’s restart – was redesigned by longtime Titleist Tour Rep David Southworth with considerable input from the rest of the team. 

Built to withstand the 30,000 miles of annual travel across the country, the new Tour Trailer extends from 8.5 feet wide on the road to 15.5 feet on site, with four pop-out sections that contribute to 650 square feet of working space. Peter Bezuk, who multi-tasks as the truck’s combination driver and club builder, logs most of the mileage, crisscrossing the U.S. to more than 40 PGA Tour venues. When fully loaded, it meets the maximum weight allowed by the PGA Tour of approximately 35,000 lbs.  (Fun fact: That’s about the same weight as a large bucket of 346,000 Pro V1’s.)


The customized trailer is stocked with TS metals, T-Series, MB and CB irons, Vokey Design Wedges and Scotty Cameron Putters, along with an extensive library of custom shafts, grips – and Scotty Cameron headcovers. A computer database stores the custom specs of every club that the team has ever built.

Titleist is the overwhelming most played equipment brand each week on the PGA Tour, servicing more than 45 full product line brand ambassadors and their caddies weekly throughout the season, in addition to dozens more non-contracted wedge and putter players.

While only Titleist reps have been able to experience the new Tour Trailer due to COVID-19 restrictions, the daily work of changing grips, grinding wedges, adjusting lofts and lies, and building new clubs, continues in force. 

According to Director of Player Promotion J.J. Van Wezenbeeck, the team is currently limited to five representatives per tournament, traveling in two separate ‘pods,’ with each group working every other event. That is about 50 percent of Titleist’s typical on-site staff – which includes club builders, club tech reps, dedicated Vokey Design and Scotty Cameron representatives – and Titleist golf ball reps, who service the more than 100 Pro V1 and Pro V1x players in the field each week. 


- 42-feet long
- 35,000+ lbs. when fully stocked
- 30,000 miles per year
- 8.5 feet wide when on road
- Four pop-out sections extend width to 15.5 feet when on site
- 650 square feet of working space
- Office space, meeting area, couch, three HD televisions, computer, printer
- Refrigerator/freezer for drinks and snacks